Real Fair Ambiance

Online fairs give an experience of real fair ambiance moving physical fairs into a digital atmosphere. Customized outlook and content according to your requests, the fairs are organized in the concept you want. You can experience what you expect from a fair, and even more on an online platform.

Easy Access

Our user friendly online fairs are accessible from computer, tablet and mobile phones, supporting all browsers. Both the organizator and the participant firms can manage and involve the fair online. You can gather masses from all around the world online in one platform.

Modern Technology

Online fairs are a digital way of fairs combining modern technology with never ending developments. You can get fast and practical results from the virtual fairs of the digital world.

Live Support

We do live support during all stages of the fair organization from the beginning to the end of both for the organizator and the participant firms for a flawless online fair experience.

High Visitor Capacity

With the strong capacity of our system, limited capacity of the physical fairs goes unlimited with virtual fairs. Our system is capable of simultaneous 500.000 visitors without any further development.

Live Chat & Video

Representatives of participant firms can interact simultaneously with the visitors live on the stands. Live chats and video meetings occuring in a digital environment provide you to make a right assessment and get efficient results.

Live Seminar and Conferences

Live seminars and conferences can be organized by the fair organizator or the participant firms on an online platform. These events are significant areas for the visitors that can be used by both the participant firms and the organizators for presentation and connecting with the masses besides the stands.

Sponsorship and Advertising Areas

You can offer participant or any outside company several areas for advertising such as digital screen, pop up, billboard, flag, bus and also other customizable and developable spaces for advertising the products by the participant companies or from outside.

Detailed Statistics and Reports

Fair statistics such as the number of visitors, demographic insights, visitor information of the stands are reported to the organizator and the stand. These statistics show a clear route for the next steps for the businesses.

Backward Looking Fair and User Data

Online fairs zero the loss of visitor information happening on physical fairs. You can keep in touch and follow up your stand visitors even if you have not connected during the fair.

Integrated Marketing Communications

The all fair process can be integrated into both your or the participants’ marketing communications. Related products and services can be promoted either before or after the fair maintaining a parallel marketing. Generating interest and leads for your online fair easily on digital, they can be added into your online channels parallelly.

Low Cost and High Reach

Avoiding the high costs of physical fairs such as accommodation, travelling, you can connect all around the world and widen your reach. With the cost that you cut you can focus on increasing your return on investment.


Why Online Fair?

Online fairs present virtual opportunity of physical fairs with a digital and easy experience by overcoming boundaries of the physical fairs.

With the powerful infrastructure of our system, the number of capacity barrier that classical fairs have goes unlimited with online fairs. Our system is capable of hosting 500.000 active visitors at a time and thousands of visitors can visit the stands.

Stand management is done easily by representatives from the institutions. Representatives interact with visitors online. Stand visitation details are kept and presented after the fair.

Fair visitors can also attend seminars and conferences that are organized by either participant institutions or the organizator. Seminars and conferences are the other advantageous platforms that institutions can meet masses, give presentations and information, and connect them live.

With virtual fairs you can connect institutions and their audiences online, and grow your business with the opportunity that technology offers.

4 Years of Experience



With Endless Fairs infrastructure, you can organize your own virtual fair and reach your target audience online and wider!

Basında Biz

As İşkur, with Endless Fairs, we organized our first fair simultaneously in 2019, and our 2nd and 3rd fair only as Virtual Employment Fair and provided employment opportunities for over 10,000 citizens.

Basında Biz

We have brought hundreds of users together in virtual environments with our fairs organized with Endless Fairs infrastructure and we will continue to meet them.

Basında Biz

Virtual fairs in the world and the importance of infrastructure in large sizes in Turkey, Endless Fairs offers new opportunities for exporters with trade fair held.



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You can organize your own online fair with Endless Fairs infrastructure.


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