About Us

About Us

Endless Fairs, starting with the goal of digitization of the exhibition organisations was founded in 2016. The Endless Group is a company based in Turkey.

Turkey's first online exhibition platform, Endless Fairs, combines physical exhibition organisations with today's modern technology. With its digital infrastructure, it acts as a complement to physical fairs and can be an alternative when the they are not enough, moves fairs into digital atmosphere.

As Endless Fairs, we serve to the ever-increasing online needs on the path we have set out to be a solution for the transformation of both the commercial and the entire ecosystem to digital in the globalizing world. With the online exhibition software, we aim to be a new alternative to standard techniques.

With the virtual exhibition organisation, we help companies compete with their competitors internationally in the new economic era. We ensure that their products and services reach their target audiences in the most effective and economical way.

Our Mission

  • To provide both the domestic and international exhibition needs of each sector by utilising the online Exhibition services in Turkey as the first and only company of its kind.
  • To coordinate the online exhibition plans of the institutions we serve with sound operations and easy service understanding.
  • Making the right advice and guidance during the maturation of the plans.
  • To direct our potential customers regarding the real differences in a transparent manner and to direct them in line with their expectations and needs.
  • To put it more clearly, our mission is to do our job in the best way possible.

Our Vision

  • To be in the network of all people who sees organising online fairs as a requirement of today, where online fairs are gaining more and more importance.
  • To be at the forefront with our successful projects that will emphasize the importance we attach to the concept of innovation.
  • To be mentioned with our reliability and references within the scope of our services.
  • To make online exhibitions a natural extension of physical exhibitions and to help institutions to exhibit, who cannot attend the physical exhibitions for reasons such as logistics and budget.
  • To enjoy the pride of representing Turkey in the international markets as a brand who can produce sustainable high added value.
Our Policy
  • To be in the process of continuous development and improvement with a quality management system which conforms with the universal standards.
  • To produce services above the customer expectations which are set by the standards and regulations.
  • To provide transparent and accurate services in line with the expectations and goals of our customer, within their budgets.
  • To create value on behalf of both parties with innovative ideas and projects for the institutions and organisations we are partnering with.
  • To provide a peaceful work environment with a horizontal hierarchy by developing mutual trust, respect, love, understanding and communication among our employees.
  • To be involved in internationally oriented development programs as much as possible by giving importance to the personal development of our employees.
  • To contribute to the development of our country and to use our international network as a tool for projects that will generate social benefit.
  • To try to provide appropriate adaptation by following the sectoral developments.