12 Technologic Features of Online Exhibitions

12 impressive technological features of online fairs which we can call the digitalized form of physical fairs and all the details of these features are in our blog.

12 impressive technological features of online fairs which we can call the digitalized form of physical fairs and all the details of these features are in our blog.

Online exhibitions are digitalized physical exhibitions. This digitalization provides the opportunity to participate in the exhibition at another end of the world with the web and the mobile accesses. You can find everything you can think of in physical exhibitions and even more at online exhibitions.

Text and video chat versions, seminars and conferences, catalogue and brochure transmission are also available in online exhibitions. The concept of the online exhibition can be organized simultaneously with the physical exhibitions or it can be organized independently from them. In addition to saving time and budget, online exhibitions provide exhibitors with detailed statistics and information about their target audience. Thanks to these reports and statistics, you can stay in touch with your target audience after the exhibition.

In today's article, we will detail the features of online exhibitions.

Here are the features of our online exhibition infrastructure

Real Fair Atmosphere

Online fairs, which bring the physical fair atmosphere to the digital environment, enable both exhibitors and visitors to have a real exhibition experience. The fairs organized with customized appearance and content according to the demands of your company can be organized in any concept you desire. In online platform, you can make much more arrangements than you can make in traditional exhibitions.


Our user-friendly exhibitions, which can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone, can easily be managed and visited over the internet. You can easily bring the target audiences together in our online exhibitions which are supported by all browsers.

Modern Technology

You can get quick and practical results from online exhibitions thanks to our user-friendly digital platform which combines the concept of the traditional exhibition with today's modern technology and offers ever improving technological solutions.

Live support

Live support service is provided online for both the organizing company and the participating institutions for the whole process. All support is provided to ensure a flawless exhibition experience.

High Visitor Capacity

Thanks to the strong infrastructure of our system, the visitor capacity problem, which is limited in traditional exhibitions, is eliminated in online exhibitions. Our system can serve 500,000 concurrent visitors simultaneously without the need for any extra development or intervention.

Live Chat & Video

At the online booths, where the actual visitors browsing your products/services, you can manage the booth and interact with the visitors at the same time. Visual and transcripted conversations in digital media allow you to make an accurate assessment after the exhibition and to obtain effective results from these meetings.

Live Seminars and Conferences

Live seminars and conferences can be held at online exhibitions. Aside the booths, seminars and conferences are additional conspicuous points, and they can be used to present the goods and services to the prospective clients.

Sponsorship and Advertising Areas

Various areas, such as screen dressings, pop ups, billboards, sailing flags, bus dressings, which can be developed according to your preferences, can be offered to the companies both from the exhibition and outside the exhibition, to market their products and services.

Detailed Statistics and Reports

Statistics such as the number of visitors participating in the exhibition, demographic information, booth visit information are reported to the owner and exhibitor institutions at the end of the exhibition and the results obtained are transferred into the database. While these reports provide details about the visitors, they also shed light on the next steps to be taken by the companies.

Retrospective Fair Information and User Data

In online exhibitions, your visitor information is always registered, thus you eliminate the problem of losing visitor communication you frequently experience at physical exhibitions. You can also contact the visitors who have visited your stand who have contacted you or not after the exhibition.

Integrated Marketing Studies

By integrating your online exhibitions into your other online marketing channels, you can include your exhibition or the products and services in your marketing communications before and after the exhibition. You can easily collect inquiries digitally to your exhibition and include inquiring people to your sales efforts online in parallel with the exhibition.

Low Cost and High Access

You eliminate the high costs and expenses such as accommodation, transportation of the physical exhibitions. On the online platform, you can connect to any part of the country or the world over the internet and expand your access. With the costs you reduce, you can focus on increasing your return on investment.

Now, take advantage of the power of digital and organize your own online exhibition. Bring target audiences together online. Contact us now to get more information.

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