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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual fairs mean that events such as trade fair, health fair, technology fair, career fair, education fair, informatics fair, conferences, summits that traditionally take place in the physical environment are held in a virtual environment and can be accessed online.

You can organize virtual events using the Endless Fairs platform. Endless Fairs makes it possible to realize events such as trade fairs, product launches, congresses, conferences, entertainments, festivals or summits with realistic designs in virtual environment with its strong infrastructure. Now you can organize virtual events from wherever you want and continue your activities in digital environment without interruption.

No document or permission is required for the virtual event organization.

Once your contract is signed, you can receive your online event 15 days later, provided that the work flow to be communicated to you is followed.

Your registration page is prepared and delivered within 3 working days after the contract is signed.

Event officials can follow the event live, download and process the necessary data with the organizer interface that will be sent to them.

After the virtual event ends, access to the virtual event page is available for 7 days.

Before the virtual event, the registration page we designed in line with the request of the authorities is prepared. Visitors can register for the event from the registration page before the online event.

General information such as name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number are requested on the registration page. Participants can also add different registration forms according to their needs and their target audience.

Visitor data are stored in the system so that the virtual event owner can view it.

You can organize virtual events for at least 1 day.

There is no day limit for virtual activities. Activities lasting between 2 and 3 days can be shown as the recommended activity period.

There are no restrictions on virtual activity hours. Online activities performed during the working hours of your target audience can be shown for the recommended time range.

There is no language limitation in virtual event organizations. You can organize virtual events in the language you want.

There is no participant limitation in our virtual events.

There are multiple options as a virtual activity building. You can choose one of the available designs or have your building custom designed.

There are more than one design for the halls where your stands will be located, you can choose one of our existing designs or have your halls specially designed.

In order for the event to take place, there must be at least 1 stand in the event area.

There is no limit on the number of stands in virtual events.

In virtual events, a maximum of 30 stands can be kept in a hall.

There are multiple designs for your stands. You can choose one of our existing designs or design your own stands.

Exhibitors can exhibit all their written and visual documents in the booth areas. At the same time, they can meet with visitors and conduct written and video interviews and organize webinars.

Participants can instantly track visitor data through the user panel and view them as a report at the end of the day.

Participants can easily manage and customize their stands through the easy and understandable user panel with the guide we have prepared.

Participants can share booth links, and visitors can access your booth links after registering for the virtual event.

Depending on the intensity of the event and demand, you can assign any representative you want.

Representatives at the stands can make a written or video call from the chat section at the same time.

Written conversations with representatives at the stands are recorded, and video calls cannot be recorded.

Participants can hold 4 different webinars lasting an average of 1.5 hours per event day.

Webinar sessions or conferences can be integrated into the virtual event platform with a 3rd party system (Zoom, Youtube, Streamyard, etc.) at the request of the participants.

Participants can make their webinars in the language they want with the simultaneous translation service they will receive.

Webinar sessions or conferences can be integrated into the virtual event platform with a 3rd party system (Zoom, Youtube, Streamyard etc.), at the request of the participants, and the participants can broadcast live broadcasts instantly from their social media accounts.

Participants can choose one of the existing seminar hall designs or have it specially designed.

Endless Fairs virtual event platform is compatible with all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge etc.).

Endless Fairs virtual event platform works smoothly on all mobile devices and tablets with its user-friendly structure.

No application is required for mobile access.

Endless Fairs is a technology company that provides infrastructure support for organizing virtual events. However, Endigitals within the Endless Group are ready to offer a communication and marketing plan support for you.

Endless Fairs does not store the data of its visitors and only shares it with the event organizer.

There is a dedicated project manager who will provide all kinds of technical project support after the contract is signed and an online project team to provide 24/7 support.

Yes, you can. For detailed information, you can take a look at the Presidential Decree titled “Supporting Digital Activities in Market Entry”.

Upon request, visitors can create an appointment from the agendas of exhibitor officials who open their stands and make planning with the appointment option available in their profiles.

Participants can meet with their target audience in virtual events and continue their promotional activities. They can do it by watching our detailed participation training video, which we have given an efficient event experience using many of our modules.

You can see your stand productivity either by downloading the booth entrance information or by viewing the points given to your stand instantly.

From the participant panel presented to you, you can view the event statistics instantly and daily in a very detailed way.

You can add visual, video or gif to the banner areas in the stand.

Visitors who click on the request sample button at the stand can request samples from you and send them to those who share their addresses.

You can watch our informative videos before the event starts and attend the training meeting live 1 week before the event.

The image and pdf uploads you will add to the stands should not exceed 2MB in size. You can upload a youtube or vimeo video link to upload videos.

Since we are a mobile user-friendly platform, we try to keep productivity at the highest level.

Please add a representative to your booth for the chat to work.

By logging into the participant panel given to you, you can add as many representatives as you want from the representatives section.

By filling in the fields in the registration form, you can log in to our platform as a visitor with the username and password sent to your email.

You can request an appointment according to the availability of the representative you want to make an appointment by clicking the My Appointments field in your profile. When your appointment is approved, you will be notified by e-mail.

You can postpone your appointments by clicking the My appointments field in your profile, depending on availability, or cancel them by using the delete button.

You can view all your additions in my virtual bag section on your profile.

You can view the stands you visited during the event and the areas you participated in from the statistics on your profile page.

You can opt out of leaving your personal information if it has not been processed yet. To cancel, please click the Cancel my information button on your profile page.

You can give points to the stands and determine the ratings of the participants.

You can give points to representatives who are interested in you and take notes about them.

You can change your survey answers and scores from the relevant field on your profile.