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Experience the power of virtual activity with our unique features!

Customizable Virtual Spaces

Take advantage of the customizable features of the landing page and event architecture areas in your virtual event.
  1. Your potential audience will come across this page first. It helps you to both record and present the event preview to your target audience.
  2. Virtual architectural spaces will enhance the realism of your event and make everyone feel much closer with its customizable structure. Virtual buildings, lobby, hall and stands, which are the living spaces of virtual events, offer much more options than physical events.

Statistics and Reporting

You can instantly and comparatively measure the performance of the event you organize and create a data bank.
  1. You can view the traffic and visitor data of your virtual event
  2. Help increase interaction through surveys.

Improve Communication Efficiency

Create the opportunity to have simultaneous calls with tens of thousands of people in your virtual event.
  1. Event participants and visitors can hold instant written and video meetings.
  2. Create a space where event visitors can broaden their social circle and share.
  3. Let visitors and representatives allocate a special time slot for each other.

Benefit from Opportunities

Create different customizable possibilities offered by virtual events.
  1. Participants can introduce their products and services in detail and make sales within the target market at the same time.
  2. Allow visitors to collect and view event attendees' downloadable content in virtual bags with a shopping bag-like structure.
  3. You can create and forward memorial or official certificates to all stakeholders of the event.
  4. With the e-posters specific to virtual congresses, academicians can get feedback and obtain data that will contribute to their studies.
  5. Concerts, fairs or festivals, enrich the content of your event with the gamification feature. The gamification experience, supported by badges and awards, allowing your participants and visitors to have a much better time at your event, is designed to increase your efficiency.

With the infrastructure of Endless Fairs that meets all the needs of digital world, perform creative, unlimited and original activities in virtual fields.