Trade and Career Fairs

Promote products and services with virtual fair events!


Impress your target audience at first sight

Witness the rapid design of halls that will host countless visitors. Take advantage of instant surveys, high image quality, event-friendly gamification schemes and more. Surprise your visitors with the interactive experiences you design. Attract the people who visits to your virtual booth with its written-video channels and banner areas.

Increase your sales and expand your market

Virtual and hybrid fair events are ideal for more detailed promotion of products and services. Catalogues can be created and pre-orders can be placed on digital promotion days. You expand your market with international promotions while selling through virtual POS.
Increase your sales and expand your market


Virtual and hybrid fairs offer many benefits that will contribute to the growth and development of your business.
  1. The disappearance of the location factor in the organization process; improves the efficiency of the event by saving time and space. Eliminates transportation and logistics problems for visitors and organizers.
  2. Since it takes place online; there is no additional costs for transportation and logistics, it is open to participants from all over the world, with a high level of access.

  1. Prior to the virtual fair, you can collect data with registration forms, follow up instant data and download reports about the event. You can build your strategy by identifying popular products according to interest. You can use the detailed data to determine new goals and predictions.
  2. By instant written and video communication with your virtual stand visitors; You can offer a personalized experience by giving an appointment with visitors who request detailed information.
  3. You can realize you think by revealing your difference with virtual booths tailored for expectations. You can design your own virtual booth if you like.

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