Event Building Halls and Stands

Customize your event area as you wish or add new designs!

Event Building

The activity building can be viewed in two different ways as interior and exterior view. The outer building is the entrance area of the event and it is in video format, the entrance video to the event can be customized. The interior of the building is used as a lobby area and the lobby image can be differentiated according to the needs of your event. You can remove the banner areas or increase the existing areas according to your wishes. You can do communication studies in the special areas allocated to you.


Different types of halls will be offered to you at the planning stage before our event. You can choose the one that best suits your event, or have it designed. You can add the images you want to the banner areas in the hall and carry out sponsorship activities.


The types of stands that the participants can use in the virtual event will be presented to you in advance. You are free to choose the stands you want. You can make minor arrangements in the booth areas and share your own designs if you wish. You can add many different contents at the event stands and make arrangements that will represent your brand in the most efficient way in the stand area.

Endless Fairs’ platform meets all the needs of the digital world: perform creative, unlimited and original activities in virtual areas.