Advantages of Online Real Estate and Property Fairs

Real estate and property fairs can be defined as the events where professionals..

Real estate and property fairs can be defined as the events where professionals..

Real estate and property fairs can be defined as the events where professionals from the construction and property sector come together to introduce their new projects, set sail for new collaborations, and exchange contact information with different companies. Within the framework of the traditional fairs, it is possible to introduce new investment opportunities under construction to the customers in a mock-up format, to explain big investments with seminars and to establish new connections by socializing.

Families who want to buy a new home, entrepreneurs looking for an office for their start-up company, companies on the path of expansion or contractors looking for new projects prefer to come together in real estate and property fairs to improve their connections.

Bringing real estate fairs online brings many  advantages. The first and most important of these is that online real estate fairs can host participants from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes. With this feature, online real estate fairs can be held not only for customers who can travel or reside in that region, but for anyone who thinks, plans or wants to make international investments from anywhere in the world. 

In real estate fairs that can use  modern technology  fully integrated, 3D environments, 360 degree trips that can be created with VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, and applications that users can create and see their own possible homes with furniture of their choice.

As online realty fairs do not take place physically, there is no obligation to limit it to just 2 days or 1 week. In this way, the total number of potential visitors will increase greatly, visitors trying to decide on their investments will be able to visit the fair again and participate on any day they are available.

Representatives at the stands can present the investments and real properties, answer questions and create a one-to-one communication with live discussions to visitors who wish. Likewise, the new connections that companies will establish for new collaborations and studies can be carried out intimately thanks to video interviews.

With live seminars, leading people in the industry can provide information on developments in the industry, offer investment advice, or exchange ideas with other industry professionals. Visitors can participate to these seminars according to the event calendar you will organize.

With the retrospective participant and visitor data and statistics we offer, you can carry out marketing activities integrated to your event, you can see the age, gender, region and interests of the visitors collectively, and in line with this information, you will not lose contact with the investors you want to contact after the fair.

Since it eliminates expenses such as printing, travel, accommodation, employee salaries, it offers wide opportunities with a low budget for both the organizer and the participants, and has an environmentally friendly and responsible stance on sustainability.

You can create a customized event with stand options and fair area specially designed for companies, and you can have an unforgettable fair experience for visitors.

With the strong infrastructure we offer, an unlimited number of visitors can participate from anywhere, on any platform. You will have the perfect event process with the technical support we will provide during the fair.

You can contribute to the fair budget with sponsorship and advertising areas such as screen dressings, pop ups, billboards, flags that you will offer to the contracted companies both from the fair and outside the fair, and you can increase the number of participants by preparing special campaigns, discounts and opportunities.

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