Best Practices for Managing An Interview Virtual Chat Room

The most important practices for managing virtual chat rooms that will help you deliver an outstanding customer experience at a virtual event mentioned in our blog.

The most important practices for managing virtual chat rooms that will help you deliver an outstanding customer experience at a virtual event mentioned in our blog.

Thanks to modern technology that provides ease of information on customers, there is an increasing demand for topics such as live assistance and quick solutions. Let's imagine that you are going to organize a virtual event. At this point, there are important points that will take you further. One of them is virtual chat rooms. Chat rooms at your virtual event are a widely used solution to convert visitors into leads, keep churn rates under control, and quickly improve response rates. That's why it's essential to adopt best practices in live chat rooms to enhance and improve your customers' experience.

Why Do You Need to Integrate a Live Chat Room?

If you want to have a quality customer relationship, we can not expect this situation to happen by itself. There are strategic steps we need to take. We must say that having a quality customer base is one of the key elements for a successful business process. One of the factors that most affect brand value is the conversations between people about the brand. A company's direct and trouble-free communication with its customers is a situation that will provide the most return for that brand and have positive long-term results.

By looking at some important and reliable surveys, we conclude that almost 75% of survey respondents prefer live chat over any other channel. You may be wondering how companies continue to sustain themselves in a world where endless physical connections are next to impossible. The days are gone when connections were all about emails or phone calls. Businesses are now moving towards faster methods of connecting with potential customers without someone else connecting. It is possible to create a long-term interaction with your customer by providing 24/7 communication with live chat. Here are some business areas directly affected by live chat:

  • Your sales volume will accelerate: Thanks to a live chat room, you will be able to make your customer relations more seamless by making quick responses.

  • Real-time support: It allows you to connect with your audience while you're on the go. It also helps you identify problem spots by improving your customer metrics wherever possible.

  • Improved ROI: You can achieve better productivity and overall ROI by reducing queue times, positive communication, and avoiding sales pitch abandonment.

Best Practices for Managing Interactive Virtual Chat Room

Let's move on to the best practices for chat rooms that will help you deliver an outstanding customer experience at a virtual event.

1. Use the Two-Fold Approach

The best way to segment your chat room would be to combine the two types of live chat. These are general and private. A public chat is more like an open forum where visitors can post questions and help others in need. Messages sent in a public chat can be seen by everyone and at the same time, anyone can easily access them for any questions they are curious about.

In contrast, a private chat is used for individual conversations where a visitor typically hovers over an online user's name and sees a button to start a private chat. Click here to access a private chat window where you can chat with visitors. When you enter the direct message chat room, you can access the audio or video call icons and tap them to initiate an audio or video call.

2. Place Your Chat In a Visible Area

Visitors are quite likely to act purely on their own instinct. You have to think like your audiences to understand what they want. The popular placement of the chat feature is usually at the bottom right of the activity page. However, the positioning may also vary depending on the visual format of your page. Just make sure the chat feature isn't too distracting and doesn't bother your visitors.

One research indicates that people often browse web pages and phone screens in the letter F pattern. We recommend placing the chat button on the right side of the screen to provide an effective chat experience.

3. Allow Voice and Video Chat

The integration of visual and audio elements can take the scale of participation to another level. Given the growing demand for interactive tools that are driving companies to move from physical events to virtual environments, it's also important to get the most out of them.

Why it's important to use audio and video options:

  • It helps identify problems faster and provides real-time solutions.

  • Personalized experience can lead to improved lead conversions.

  • It adds another dimension to your activity by multiplying the success rate.

  • It provides a one-click solution for any query.

4. Ask Your Customers for Feedback After the Chat Has Ended

Gathering feedback from your customers means you care about their opinions. You involve your customers in the decision-making process that makes them feel like an integral part of your company and results in a positive brand association. In a virtual event, your attendees may be directed to a rating questionnaire, which they will give at the end of each chat, on a scale of 1 to 5. In this way, you can gain benefits such as:

  • Measuring customer satisfaction

  • Improving communication

  • Creating an environment of trust 

5. Grant Access and Visibility to Representatives

Make sure your agents have access to your target audience profiles so you can have meaningful conversations. Additionally, we recommend adding tags and comments to profiles to make the process more transparent.

6. Have Option to Extract Chat Logs

Since your primary goal is to improve your connections, this process should not end with activity. Make sure your event provider allows you to extract chat logs to continue the process.

7. Make Sure Your Chat Rooms Are Measurable

Your event provider  should create reports showing basic data in terms of topics such as chat trends and chat count etc. This is essential for monitoring and analyzing what works and what doesn't.

Live chat is a common feature at virtual events, regardless of the type of event you host. We recognize the importance of long-lasting connections and the need to interact with each other, so we offer a built-in text/voice/video chat experience to assist potential customers. Do not forget to follow Endless Fairs closely for this and other useful information and tips.

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