Different Online Fair Types That You Can Organize

All significant details about the types of online fairs that have made radical changes in our lives and you can make real in an easy way, are mentioned in our blog.

All significant details about the types of online fairs that have made radical changes in our lives and you can make real in an easy way, are mentioned in our blog.

Since the online fairs came into our lives, it has boosted physical fairs with its possibilities and has many advantages for accessing participating brands and visitors. For this reason, any kind of fair can now be carried out easily and effectively in a virtual environment.

Every kind of online fair can have different advantages depending on its field, subject and participants. While planning the fair, you can maximize the impact and profit you’ll receive from the fair by taking these advantages into consideration, and you can have an unforgettable fair experience for your visitors and participants. The technological features of our virtual fair infrastructure presents you great advantages of the virtual environment in a stable and reliable manner as a addition to the opportunities of physical fairs.

You can adapt and expand your work digitally with various fairs that you will organize according to your sector, target audience and purpose. You can organize fairs in every sector you want, or you can choose fairs where you can get the most exhibitors and visitors and maximize your income with fairs like trade fairs, education fairs, career and employment fairs and tourism fairs, which are among the most organized fairs in the industry. As Endless Abroad, we are ready to support your online fair organizations with our infrastructure that brings the fairs to a digital environment with modern technology and our 4-year experience in this field.

Trade Fairs

Online trade fairs, which can be held in a B2B, B2C or hybrid way, allow companies in a particular industry to come together with other companies, industry partners and customers. They can expand their business networks, find new investments and increase brand awareness at fairs where they can promote their latest services or products. You can easily get high reach and conserve your budget with low cost.

It is one of many advantages of online fairs to host companies that are not able to participate in the physical fair, as well as giving them a chance to participate in your event anyway and increase their brand awareness. You can contribute to your budget with advertising and banner areas that you can offer to companies that want to sponsor which performs as a platform that will make companies heard

Education Fairs

Focused on bringing schools together with students, educational fairs have a great potential outturn as school enrollment periods approach. In addition to the opportunities of the physical fair, it is possible to easily meet students from all corners of the country with the educational institutions from all over the world in a virtual environment, since it does not require traveling.

You can also provide future communication possibilities after the fair with user data and statistics that you can collect and offer to the participants. Students will have the opportunity to meet live with the representatives and ask the questions they are curious about the schools and shape their future plans accordingly.You can offer endless opportunities to fair visitors with offers and gifts that sponsoring institutions can provide. While reaching larger audiences, you can increase your brand awareness and increase the revenue you receive by appealing to more people.

Career and Job Fairs

Similar to online education fairs, online career and job fairs can be organized with a purpose of bringing job seekers and employers alike together for specific business lines and sectors, or can be organized depending on specific geographic locations or employee attributes. Despite popular belief, online career fairs are not only organized for jobs that require remote work, on the contrary, most of the companies participating in online career fairs have offices at more than one location.

Job seekers can filter potential jobs by entering their information, resumes and job descriptions, and employers can also find the talent among thousands of participants by filtering according to their criteria. You can help them stay in touch with the visitor statistics you provide to them after the fair, and you can revamp their look with customizable stands specially designed for their companies. With live seminars and conferences, you can offer career tips and advice from professional names to visitors and exhibitors.

Tourism Fairs

With the online tourism fairs, which can be organized according to a specific geographical region or type of tourism (winter, sea, health, etc.), the institutions that steer the sector can be hosted, associations can share their expectations, anticipations and suggestions for the industry and you can bring the participants with the visitors together with additional events such as live conferences, presentations, workshops.

We add the power of modern technology to the potential of your physical fairs

Earn income with the online fairs you will organize, bring the participants together with the visitors and increase your brand awareness. Contact us now for detailed information.

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