Guide to Staying In Touch With Candidates After Virtual Career Fairs

Keeping competing for the best talent requires an extraordinary follow-up strategy. How to stay in touch with candidates after virtual career fairs is in this blog post!

Keeping competing for the best talent requires an extraordinary follow-up strategy. How to stay in touch with candidates after virtual career fairs is in this blog post!

It is not enough just to organize a solid virtual career fair; Having an outstanding follow-up strategy is an equal part of your game plan to keep competing for talent. With the pressure to hire the best candidates at an all-time high, nurturing long-term ties with job seekers, mastering recruiting goes a long way to continue.

The next stage of your hosting responsibilities is to build a broad network, show an engaging post-event follow-up to connect with job seekers, and find ways for attendance to still thrive without an issue.

Assess Your Capabilities

A digital career fair captures key exhibitor information during registration and precisely tracks event events to help measure ROI. This allows the host organization to examine which industry, business types, employers, content and networking opportunities are best enjoyed by guests to determine visitor preferences, as well as assess overall event satisfaction.

Create Mailing Campaigns

It is necessary to acknowledge the efforts and time that the participants offer to participate in the virtual career fair. This can be as simple as sending "thank you" mails and sharing key events or statistics that prove the success of the event (sending a private post for attendees is also highly recommended).

For registered attendees without a show, we recommend starting a targeted reminder email campaign that indicates that the live event may be over, but there is still a highly resourceful content library for on-demand webinar replays and job seekers use.

Start Listing Candidates

Use an app to search through resumes or use the built-in filters built into your virtual career platform - the goal here is to be as efficient as possible in follow-ups.

The sooner you connect with your talent to maintain the momentum after the virtual career fair at full speed, the more likely it is to make a diligent candidate selection as an employer.

Make Sure There Are No Unanswered Questions

Chat logs will be provided to your attendees and recruiters to keep track of all communications, interactions and context. This is a good time to take a step back and make sure all questions are clearly answered during the Q&A and chat programs are announced so that no job seekers are accidentally ignored. The slightest attention to detail is important when it comes to creating or distorting the event experience for viewers.

Socialize Post Event Marketing

You don't have to stop reaping the fruits of your efforts just because the online career fair is over. Highlight and share highlights on your social media channels and even add employer feedback as an added skill.

Collect Feedback

Continuous improvement in your virtual career fair strategy should be a goal all hosts should pursue. Collecting employer and participant feedback via emailed surveys within a week or two is a smart way to start the dialogue and also gather ideas to change the future event strategy. 

As a recruiter, keeping up with job applicants is often a challenge, regardless of your industry type. During these times of social disconnection, some Agile organizations are actively using creative ways to organize virtual career fairs. In doing so, these organizations rely primarily on electronic media such as e-mails to communicate with candidates. It is very important to understand that communication does not really end with your virtual career fair, so it is important to maintain an open and consistent communication throughout.

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