How to Amplify Your Turnouts with Email Marketing

Before organizing virtual fairs that are current meeting network, how you can enrich your participation in your virtual fair with e-mail marketing in our blog post.

Before organizing virtual fairs that are current meeting network, how you can enrich your participation in your virtual fair with e-mail marketing in our blog post.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get news of your event, promote your virtual fair, and start collecting the recordings you need. But this convenience brings a few annoying situations. The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received every day exceeded 293 billion in 2019, and this number is estimated to reach over 347 billion by the end of 2023.

For this reason, the email marketing campaign you started and the emails you send should be different and stand out from other emails.

Visually unexciting and haphazard emails will not help you with this. This campaign to influence purpose requires more planning and effort. But taking the right steps in this regard will not only take you a few steps forward. In this article you will find the best expert ideas and tips for creating emails that buyers want to open and getting even more registrations before the fair.

Timing Your Campaign Correctly

Setting the timing of the email campaign correctly is one of the most important points so that it is neither too early nor too late. Starting an email campaign early can cause you to lose interest from  potential visitors.  On the other hand, keeping this period long can mean waiving potential visitors.

It is recommended that you set the landing page of your virtual event 2-3 weeks before it goes live and start all marketing tools. This will provide the ideal time to speed up the registration process on your potential visitors' radar and achieve the desired number of recordings. The fact that the virtual environment for your event has not yet been set up is not a cause for concern. All you have to do is direct traffic from email to landing pages to convert potential visitors into real registrations.

Use Interesting Titles

After playing around with the details in your content, the next issue that needs attention is choosing a remarkable email subject, it doesn't matter how good your content is unless your email is opened. Marketers spend time choosing a topic that gets the buyer an instant click. In this regard, the importance of A/B testing comes into play.

Suggestions for headlines that will direct your target audience to open your email:

Use actionable language: Make sure your target audience understands the action that should be taken as a result of opening the email.

Creating a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) gives you extra benefits, for example: "Don't miss the best tech fair of the year!", "Join us for ABC Online Career Fair 2019".

Personalize: Customizing the subject line to the person being emailed is a new way to really win over your target audience. For example, in the subject line "(Name), Are you ready to meet the best companies?" it has a more targeted, more specific and therefore more convincing form to open email.

Mention the services you provide: If the email content is focused to encourage you to sign up for your upcoming virtual fair, the topic should follow this route too. For example, "Increase Your Sales at the 2020 XYZ Trade Fair" is a better topic than "Attend the XYZ Health Fair".

Create Compelling Content

To engage your visitors and get more registrations, you should start with your core content. Your potential visitors would like to see clearly what signing up and attending your upcoming virtual fair will bring them, as convincing them is the right way to get more registrations. Plan to identify your target audience and their weak points for persuasion. Some suggestions on this issue:

  • Make sure the preview text of the email is irresistible
  • Use short paragraphs (ideally one main idea per paragraph, eg. an introduction highlighting the event/date/time, main points of interest for visitors, how to register).
  • Don't use uppercase text, email marketing should always be polite
  • Talk to your target audience - segmenting your email list to target the right people will always bring you better campaign results.
  • Pay particular attention to the problems your event will solve for them. For example, will you provide a platform for top employers? Are you going to help businesses strengthen their brands? Will you give speeches where expert speakers present their ideas? Strive to include this in your communications
  • Avoid being boring: An unforgettable email can flood fair registrations, so find a way to leave a mark on the reader.
  • Offer something for them to sign up for: Visitors love free stuff. By offering a reward like a free ebook or product trial, you can be sure that you will rapidly increase the number of records for your event like no other strategy has done before.
  • Don't forget to use a strong call to action! A prominent and almost impossible to ignore Call to Action will be the driving force for your visitors to the registration page. For example: "Yes, I Want to Register Now" or "Register for Free Online Fair".

Perform A/B Test:

A/B testing is a proven way to evaluate how the simplest changes in your email marketing content can increase conversions and signup numbers. By testing which content, images, designs, or topics perform best, you can attract and retain your target audience. Using A / B testing will help you determine the best email campaign to drive maximum traffic to the landing page of your event. Marketing tools are very useful for A/B testing different topics and email versions. Be creative and experiment to see how you can improve your email campaign reach and signup rates.

Host Your Own Online Fair

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