How to Conduct Diplomatic Activities in a Hybrid Platforms? (with example)

We mentioned about how diplomatic events, which are held with diplomats and important businessmen, are carried out in hybrid platforms, in our blog post in detail.

We mentioned about how diplomatic events, which are held with diplomats and important businessmen, are carried out in hybrid platforms, in our blog post in detail.

First of all, let's start our article by informing you about what hybrid effects are. Hybrid events, which we have heard often lately, are called the type of event that takes place both on digital platforms and on physical platforms. The advantage here is to create an independent atmosphere for the participants, to choose the most suitable option for them and to create maximum efficiency. One of the most important points in hybrid events is to establish an organic connection between physical and digital participation. They are organizations where all participants interact and communicate in the physical environment, between physical and digital, and finally between digital and physical platforms.

 Since hybrid events offer many advantages to both event organizers and participants, their preference rates are increasing day by day. This means that the demand for hybrid events will increase in parallel. There are many benefits for both participants and organizers, such as a significant increase in the number of participants and the elimination of costs such as transportation, accommodation and food and beverage by including hybrid events in addition to only physically organized events. You are not offered any restrictions when organizing hybrid events. You can organize hybrid events in many areas from education fairs to diplomatic events.

How to Host Diplomatic Events?

Planning major events of political, economic or academic importance requires attention and hard work. Diplomats and professional business people are accustomed to high levels of efficiency and top quality hospitality, and all teams of support staff are often crucial to the overall success of major political, diplomatic or industry sector events. Everything from travel arrangements to food and venue must be considered, and most invited guests will come with preferences or special dietary requests. There are some elements to consider while planning diplomatic events. At this stage, you should pay attention to the following items.

  • Determine exactly what the event is and what the intended goals are. Is the event a charity, a meeting for dignitaries and VIPs, or a presentation forum with multiple speakers?

  • Invite your guest speakers and clarify whether they are available.

  • Make sure your desired venue is booked. You should know that this should be done long before the event. A place with wide possibilities at many points is always preferred.

  • Make a very detailed plan for the meal organization.

  • Create a schedule, including the order of presentations/meetings, meal times and venue.

  • Book flights and/or transportation. Consider your guests' budgets and preferences, as they may not favor low-quality airlines or unnecessary stops.

Effects of Covid-19 on the Event Industry

COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of our lives. In March 2020, the virus had spread to more than 100 countries, forcing the World Health Organization to declare it a global epidemic. This was soon followed by unprecedented quarantines, strict travel bans and social distancing measures. According to Johns Hopkins University, there have been approximately 60 million cases and more than one million deaths worldwide due to the coronavirus to date this year. As such, the event industry was also heavily affected by the pandemic. Events that we are used to being more physical have turned to digital platforms.  As well as the disadvantages it created, the pandemic also helped some sectors to come to the fore. The fact that virtual events are actually much more practical and less costly has made this sector a more preferred and demanded sector. At this point, important diplomatic events that should not be postponed were also carried out more easily. Thanks to hybrid events, many events that will be disrupted or even canceled during the pandemic period have been successfully carried out.

How to Host Diplomatic Events in Hybrid Platforms? 

A hybrid conference often requires more staff than virtual events. This is to ensure that participants have a valuable experience whether they attend physically or online. There are a few key elements to consider while building your hybrid event team. Some of the common examples include an event technologist to help choose the right technology on the virtual side and an executive producer to ensure all virtual aspects of your event run smoothly. As for the physical event team, they should have an onsite technician available to check microphones and internet connections, and a person responsible for helping presenters communicate effectively with both audiences.

Organizing diplomatic events in hybrid platforms may be the most logical decision to be made. Here, you can host those who can attend the event physically in the best possible way, while those who cannot come to the fairground due to certain reasons can be hosted on the virtual platform that progresses smoothly. You can do everything you need while organizing your event with the help of an expert team. The most recent Turkey - China Culture and Business Development Forum, organized with the contributions of Endless Fairs, is the best example we can give for diplomatic fairs held in hybrid environments.

Example of a Hybrid Diplomatic Event: Turkey - China Culture and Business Development Forum

The best example we can give of a successful hybrid diplomatic event is the Turkey - China Culture and Business Development Forum. On the 50th Anniversary of Turkey - China Diplomatic Relations, Turkey - China Business Development Forum was held on the Endless Fairs platform as a hybrid. Bureaucrats, businessmen and thousands of visitors from both countries attended this event, which was led by the Turkey - China Business Development and Support Association and the China Industry and Businessmen Association.

While the physical part of the event was held in Ankara Congresium, a lot of work was done before the event for the virtual part that took place on our platform. First of all, Ankara Congresium was modeled in 3D in the digital world in order to meet the virtual part of this organization in a more realistic world. People attending the event from many parts of the world had an experience as if they were entering the field in the physical world. Friendship and commercial relations between countries have strengthened in the hybrid environment in the forum, where Mining, Food, Technology, Informatics, Tourism and Health sectors are heavily involved. The event, which started with the opening speech of some of the ministries of both Turkey and China, moved to the global arena and set an example for many bureaucratic events to be organized on the level of sustainability.

Our business partner, who prefers Endless Fairs, stated that with this event, they will sign different organizations with Endless Fairs as it creates the opportunity to save carbon footprint and use resources in more appropriate areas. If you want to host a perfect hybrid event both diplomatically and in any field you want, you can trust the expert team of Endless Fairs and realize the event of your dreams. Contact us now to get more information.

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