Is Your Virtual Event Strategy Ready For 2021?

Have you determined your digital strategy for your events in 2021? Visit our blog post to determine the best strategy!

Have you determined your digital strategy for your events in 2021? Visit our blog post to determine the best strategy!

Changing your event strategy for better engagement and networking during your virtual events is essential if you want to achieve better performance from your 2021 virtual events! Pay attention to your target audience's needs. Think about why they will take the time to participate in your virtual event. Consider informing your participants using effective methods.

You can reach your goals by meeting the needs of your participants in your virtual event. 

Inform the Experts

As a virtual event organizer, you must provide some basic knowledge to the experts who will attend the virtual conference. If you are inviting expert speakers, ask them to include their audience in their method. Ask them to start a little earlier or leave a little later and chat with the participants. They can answer questions, discuss other topics, and communicate positively with the participants by speaking in general.

Provide Resources

You can encourage your attendees to upload presentation slides, extra material, and written content for visitors to the platform. You can upload these before your virtual event and ask your attendees to check before the virtual fair.

Arrange "Question & Answer" and "Ask Me" Sessions

In addition to the virtual event itself, you can organize some free sessions to provide visitors with the opportunity to ask their questions. You can also ask other experts or staff at your institution to conduct these sessions. For example, choose people with high communication skills who can get the participants to speak. Also, ask the participants to think of some questions they might ask. Brainstorming helps them view the subject better.

Take a break

Break time is beneficial in two ways. First, you won't overwhelm visitors with a long conversation. Second, you can share something personal while still connected and try to start an informal and friendly conversation with your visitors. You can ask them general questions and have a conversation that will strengthen your communication.

Also, break times are a good opportunity to promote your social media profiles and ask them to follow you on different channels. For example, you can increase the number of your Instagram followers by using your virtual activity and Instagram follower apps.

Divide the Crowd

Everyone's voice should be heard for better interaction. If there are 200 visitors viewing a stand at the same time, it will be difficult to contact them individually within a limited event time. For this reason, with the Appointment Module offered by the Endless Fairs virtual fair platform, you can see all visitors at certain times and give every visitor the necessary importance. As a result, less crowding means more concentration, which means better interaction. 

Feedback Matters

The road to perfection is always open. It has never been possible to satisfy everyone. But knowing what people expect, you can at least try as much as possible to meet their needs. 

The importance of seeking strong feedback is key for e-fairs. You can do this in many ways; publishing surveys on any platform you prefer, providing direct communication channels, etc. If you use many platforms and messaging apps, you can get requests and feedback from many different channels. This can make it difficult to track feedbacks. However, there are solutions to manage all your messages from a single application.

Determine Your 2021 Virtual Event Strategy with Endless Fairs!

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