Reasons to Organize Your Fair in a Virtual Space

Important reasons are given to organize fairs allowing you to come together with your target audience in an effective way in virtual environments in our blog post.

Important reasons are given to organize fairs allowing you to come together with your target audience in an effective way in virtual environments in our blog post.

Virtual fairs can be preferred by companies that want to organize events with a variety of advantages and opportunities. Opportunities such as accessibility, budget advantage, installation and ease of use brought by the virtual environment make virtual fairs an interesting option. If you want to organize a fair and the mentioned criteria hold an important position for your fair experience, you can consider organizing a virtual fair with the support of Endless Fairs' strong technological infrastructure.

1. Your Target Audience Lives Across the Globe

If you aim to attract visitors from all over the world, going virtual is your best bet. The increase in potential customers (leads) you acquire will always be useful for you. It is possible to access virtual fairs from any browser, any device and anywhere in the world. Your event is in the hands of your potential customers, which means broader and more diverse participation.

In addition, in this period where the importance of social distance is emphasized, virtual fairs provide exactly that and bring people together in a safe, virtual environment to participate in activities they normally do. Universities hold  virtual open days  to promote their campuses and academic programs globally to a diverse student base. Similarly,  virtual trade fairs  have experienced tremendous growth as people find digital solutions to problems. Similarly, it is possible to experience fairs in a virtual way in tourism, informatics, career, automotive and many other fields.

2. You Want to Use Your Budget Carefully

Virtual fairs not only provide you with a user-friendly experience, but also a cost-effective solution. Virtual fairs, which eliminate additional costs such as venue rental, hosting visitors, travel, marketing expenses, accommodation, eliminate both your physical and financial burden and provide you with much more value at a lower cost. You can use the remaining budget you have allocated for the fair as you wish, and you will have more reasons to organize the next fair in a virtual environment with the  income you will earn from virtual fairs.

3. You Need Time Efficiency

If you are partnering with a reputable virtual fair platform, the setup of a virtual fair will take a very short time. This includes time spent on communicating your requirements, running a demo show, training your staff on navigating the event, and final implementation. On the other hand, the preparation of a physical fair will take much longer. It takes months to plan and sponsors to get involved, vendor meetings take weeks to hold, and the show itself takes up all of your event manager's time. Also marketing requires a lot of effort, as it requires both offline and online channels. After the physical fair, cleaning and leaving the venue can take up to 2 days. With the virtual fair, platform providers, who not only organize your fair as a turnkey project, but also provide reliable customer support before, during and after the event and undertake all the stress.

4. You Want Every Visitor to Have a Unique Experience

This is true for all virtual fairs and is one of the strongest contributor to the success of virtual events. Virtual fairs often give much higher results in overall engagement, as each visitor has the option to choose the content they want to utilize and save, including  webinars,  videos, brochures, and e-documents. In a traditional show, your exhibitors need to go through the standard seminar and presentation program, but the 'on demand' viewing feature of virtual fairs allows them to choose their preferred material which increases their interest and conversions. Individual live chats at each session and virtual booth contribute to the personal visitor experience. They can chat with representatives without having to line up in a long queue and fit their questions to 1 minute per person.

5. You Have Quality Content and You Want To Use It

If your team has worked hard to create original and engaging content for visitors, you can reuse these materials for content marketing after the event is over. Your promotional videos can be found on your company's website or products page. You can upload webinars to YouTube and share them with your subscribers via email newsletters. If you conducted in-event polls, you can turn these results into a blog post and share them with your followers. You can use incoming questions in your chat interactions to create or update a FAQ page. The possibilities are endless.

6. You Need Measurable Data and Results

Perhaps the most obvious distinction between physical and virtual fairs is that the latter can provide detailed reports. Although there are people who visit a physical fair, take leaflets and leave contact information, there are no tools to accurately measure the results of the fair. The only way to understand how the fair went through is by the participants' thoughts.

One of the biggest benefits of the virtual environment is that it tracks every registered user and records every chat conversation made, videos watched, downloaded and shared files, all uploads made and all transactions performed.

This can benefit you by:

  • Making it easy to quantify the event’s success
  • It allows you to maximize the investment income of future events by following the preferences of the visitors
  • It allows you to measure the performance of your staff down to each user and stand.

Organize Your Fairs In Virtual Environment

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