Tips to Use Your Stands in Virtual Fairs Correctly

Here are our proposals for the correct use of the stands in virtual fairs that the participants can meet with the visitors and promote their brands in the best way.

Here are our proposals for the correct use of the stands in virtual fairs that the participants can meet with the visitors and promote their brands in the best way.

Virtual stands are areas where exhibitors can meet with visitors, talk about their brands and communicate with potential customers. Usually there are visuals like brand logos, product/service videos, and digital documents. With these, participants can effectively connect with visitors in a visually appealing environment and establish long-term connections using audio, video and text chat.

It helps companies converge with other companies, industry partners, and potential customers. With its  countless features, online trade fairs can be used as a marketing and network tool.

1. Set a Strategy for Your Booth

What do you want to achieve as a result of your participation as an exhibitor or organizer? How do you plan to do this through your virtual stand? What are the needs of your target audience? It is very important to brainstorm your team about your goals before the plans are implemented.

2. Categorize Your Stands

Categorizing the stands makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for and reduces the chances of missing something. For this reason, you can categorize the stands according to departments, products/services or in a global event, geographic location.

3. Choose The Right Stand Layout

The user experience for visitors depends on how easy it is to find what they're looking for and how well the platform is optimized for exploring. Both of these goals require the perfect setting of your virtual fair halls. Many virtual fairs with very good content fail because they are not designed properly.

4. Design Visually Appealing Fairs

Unlike physical events, you cannot distribute brochures to invite visitors to your booth with a virtual event. For your booth to stand out, needs to be designed in a visually appealing and interactive way.

The best way to do this is with interesting pictures and videos displayed on your booth. Use your brand colors, high quality images, and content that will make an impact. Pay attention to the dimensions of the stand and visual space. Also, make sure the design of the digital documents matches the theme of your stand. A stand design that will  increase your interaction with visitors  will definitely make your job easier.

5. Train Your Team

Digital stand management is different from managing a physical stand. Participants need to know how to use the platform, set up the stand, make the necessary adjustments and  establish a strong communication with the visitors.  Therefore, it is important to train the team responsible for booth management on or before the event day.

The team should be sensitive to visitors. In case a visitor wants to chat, there should always be someone available. Set a schedule for your team and create shifts to avoid delays. Additionally, make sure the team is fully familiar with the company's products/services. The team managing the stand must be able to present the products/services to visitors in the best possible way.

6.Offer Post Show Options

A virtual event allows valuable data to be collected and made available to attendees that can be used to stay in touch with visitors even after the event. This gives attendees another chance to convert visitors into potential customers.

Therefore, staying in touch with visitors after the event is important. Stand representatives can create a message for visitors based on their speech during the event. This provides attendees with the opportunity to tailor their messages to the needs of the visitors and develop lasting relationships.

Stay in Touch With Your Target Audience at Online Fairs

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