Virtual Education Fairs Continue with YÖK

With our new collaboration with YÖK, we are adding a new one to online virtual education fairs, which are highly demanded by universities and high school students.

With our new collaboration with YÖK, we are adding a new one to online virtual education fairs, which are highly demanded by universities and high school students.

As Endless Fairs, we add a new one to our online education fairs, which are in high demand during the university and high school preference period with the YÖK Virtual Fair 2020.

YÖK Virtual Fair 2020, organized by the Higher Education Institution in cooperation with Endless Fairs, is taking place between the dates of 4-7 July, 2020. With the Endless Fairs infrastructure, students who are wondering about which university to prefer can get together with representatives from all over Turkey.

In order to fully utilize the advantages of bringing  education fairs  to the online environment, an infrastructure integrated with modern technology is required. It is possible with Endless Fairs to have a  high interaction rate  with the visitors and to benefit from these advantages in the most efficient way.

With 207 higher education institutions, 8 million students in higher education and 176 thousand faculty members, Turkey is one of Europe's leading countries with importance given to university education, this will once again intensify with this virtual exhibition organized by the Institute of Higher Education. To keep both students and representatives safe, have students interact with universities from all over the country and gather all higher education institutes together in an interactive space, YÖK Virtual Fair 2020 has been organized for the first time.

The virtual fair, where students can get detailed information about the schools they want to study, meet with representatives live, access informational materials and participate in live webinars, is ready to help students who try to choose the most correct one among dozens of options during the preference period. Higher education institutions, programs, departments, accommodation and scholarship opportunities, social and cultural activities, and the opportunities offered to students, are aimed to be explained to the young people who will make university preference in the virtual fair.

The online fairs, which have been organized in collaborations, show the importance of the fact that the fair infrastructure of the future has rapidly turned into reality and thanks to the technological opportunities it offers, both the participants and the organizational institutions gain massive advantages. As Endless Fairs we proudly continue to be Turkey's face in the virtual exhibition industry.

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