Virtual Event Industry in 2020 Under Effect of Covid-19

The suspension of the events, seminars, or conferences you expect to attend due to the..

The suspension of the events, seminars, or conferences you expect to attend due to the..

The suspension of the events, seminars, or conferences you expect to attend due to the COVID-19 outbreak is no longer surprising newsworthy. As an attendee, we are now used to receiving emails or other notifications about the cancellation or suspension of scheduled events. These sorts of issues made us question whether we could experience physical activity again in 2021.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Fairs and Events

For now, almost all companies or organizations, no matter how important or insignificant, have to resort to online events to keep their teams and attendees safe and sound. Therefore, physical fairs and events took on online events that took advantage of a variety of modern virtual fair platforms.

It is necessary to thank the technology that enables us to run our business and reach each other in this difficult period. Online activities and strong virtual connectivity would have seemed impossible without this rapid growth in technology. Also, the pandemic has forced some organizations to adapt themselves to technology and still provide services for their customers. 

Contribution of Online Fairs and Events to Interaction

As a result, online events have emerged as a way for many people to their daily lives, communicate, and interact with each other. Although many event organizers have had difficulties in their work since March 2020 due to niche and non-online events, some still have great success organizing online events to take part in the commercial ecosystem. During their live events, they encountered and overcame new challenges such as weak connections, different time zones, user attacks, and unpredictable issues. 

What Affected Online Events in 2020?

When considering online fairs, events, and conferences, there are several issues that have emerged recently.

While some people find it easier to attend online trade shows and events than physically, others find that they are much more easily distracted. Distractions such as children, chores, the unexpected ringing of the doorbell are annoying and distracting in the middle of the activity. It is also difficult to ignore the general distraction caused by home décor and casual clothing.


Distractions significantly reduce productivity. Since the expected efficiency is not achieved, time passes before things take place. Therefore, a lot of work that needs to be done still remains unrealized. The workload itself is another distraction that keeps visitors away from what happens in the online live event.

We took a brief look at how the pandemic process, which covered most of 2020, affected the fair and event industry, although it is practically impossible to make clear predictions, it can be said that organizations will continue to evaluate virtual events frequently, at least in the near future. Therefore, as an event organizer or organization, it would be a strategic decision to consider better ways to run online trade shows and events. Don't forget to schedule a checklist to keep everything going well. Focus on your business, look forward to a brighter future with Endless Fairs and virtual fairs! 

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