Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Fairs

Virtual fairs, events or conferences are online events that traditionally take place in physical space. Virtual fairs allow you to reach the whole world with your career fairs, job fairs, science fairs, technology fairs, health fairs and events on an online space.

With Endless Fairs virtual event platform, you can create a customized virtual fair space where you can organize, manage, host participants and visitors and execute an event.

No document or permission is required to organize a virtual event.

If the workflow is to be followed through, your virtual event will be ready in 15 days after your contract is signed.

Your landing page is to be prepared and delivered within 3 days after the contract is signed.

Event representatives can follow the data live during the event, download, and process the necessary ones with the interface that is delivered to them.

Exhibitors can access the event page for 7 days after the event finalizes.

Before the event, there is a landing page to be created, designed in line with the requirements of the organisator. Visitors can register to the event from the landing page before the event.

General information such as name, surname, email address and phone number are requested on the registration page. Companies can choose or classify their questions in line with their needs and their own target audiences.

Visitor data are stored in a system that is accessible to the event owner.

You can organize virtual events for a minimum of 1 day.

There is no restriction for virtual event events as far as length goes. The recommended length for events to last is between 2 and 3 days.

There are no restrictions on virtual event as far as time goes. The recommended time period for virtual events is the working hours of your target audience.

There is no language restriction in virtual events. You can organize virtual events in any language you want.

There is no participant limitation in virtual events.

As a fair building, there are multiple design options you can choose from or you can have your building custom modeled.

There are multiple design options for the halls where your stands to be located, you can choose one of our existing designs or have your halls specially modeled.

For the event to take place, there must be at least 1 stand in the fair area.

There is virtually no limit to the number of stands in virtual events.

A maximum of 30 stands can be positioned in one hall in the virtual event.

There are multiple design option you can choose from or you can include your stands with a special design.

Participants can display all their written and visual documents in the stand areas. They can meet with visitors and conduct written and video interviews and organize webinars simultaneously.

Participants can instantly track visitor data through the user panel and receive them as a report at the end of the day.

Participants can easily manage and customize their stands through the easy and understandable user panel with the users guide we have prepared.

Exhibitors can share stand links, and visitors can access your stand links after registering for the virtual event.

You can appoint a maximum of 5 representatives for each stand.

Representatives at the booths can make a written or video call from the chat section simultaneously.

Written conversations made with representatives at the stands are recorded, and video calls cannot be recorded.

Participants can hold 4 different webinars lasting an average of 1.5 hours per fair day.

Webinar sessions or conferences can be integrated into the virtual event platform via a 3rd party system (Zoom, Youtube, Streamyard, etc.) upon request of the participants.

Participants can make their webinars in the language they want with the simultaneous translation service they can acquire.

Webinar sessions or conferences can be integrated into the virtual event platform via a 3rd party system (Zoom, Youtube, Streamyard, etc.) at the request of the participants, participants can also broadcast live broadcasts instantly from their social media accounts.

Participants can choose one of the existing seminar hall designs or have it specially designed.

Endless Fairs virtual event platform is compatible with all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge etc.).

Endless Fairs virtual exhibition platform works smoothly on all mobile devices and tablets with its responsive architecture.

No application is required for mobile access.

Endless Fairs is a technology company that offers a virtual event platform. However, Endigitals as a digital agency is ready to offer a communication and marketing plan support for you

Endless Fairs does not store the data of its visitors and only shares it with the event organizer.

After signing the contract with our exhibitors, there is a dedicated project manager who will provide all kinds of technical project support until the end date of the event, and an online project team that will provide 24/7 support.

Yes, you can. For detailed information, you can take a look at the Presidential Decree titled “Supporting Digital Activities in Market Entry”.

Upon request, visitors can create an appointment from the agenda of the representatives with the appointment option in their profiles and have a planned event.