5 Reasons Why SMEs Should Host A Virtual Conference

You can find out 5 important tips about virtual conference that will help Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) achieve their targets in our blog post in detail.


SMEs, Small and Medium Enterprises, have a central position for the growth and development of economies. They produce groundbreaking solutions to constantly evolving problems, create employment opportunities, generate income, and besides, they have the potential to transform into large organizations. SMEs are often looking for ways to expand their business and reach new customers or regions. At this point they need some new ideas and solutions. Virtual conferences, on the other hand, become an effective solution to enable them to achieve these goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Value of money is very significant for an SME. Therefore, they prefer to organize an event that can increase their return on investment while providing a good branding opportunity. As it is known, holding a physical conference is time consuming, costly and laborious. From deciding on a venue to tackling logistical issues, physical conferences can present challenges for organizers. Unexpected scenarios such as Covid-19 make physical events an even more difficult choice.

A virtual summit takes place online and provides numerous benefits for SMEs. Without making a long story short, let's explore them together and see how they can help Small and Medium Businesses achieve their goals.

1. Enhance Reach of the Event. 

A physical conference has several limitations on participants. A limited number of people can attend the event, depending on the capacity of the venue. In addition, especially those living in another city or country may experience many difficulties in participating in the event. An online summit removes these barriers and allows participants living anywhere in the world to be a part of the event. Compared to a physical event, an online conference can host several times more participants. It provides the inclusion of a virtual conference and provides a great opportunity for people with special needs to be a part of the event from the comfort of their home.

2. Eliminate The Hassle of Logistical Arrangements.

It is a fact that we all know that physical events come with many logistical problems. Even the day before the event, organizers often find themselves in logistical difficulties that distract their attention from the event itself. A virtual conference saves organizers from these problems. In fact, conference organizers can sit back and relax while event platforms manage everything for them. Since there are no travel issues, organizers do not have to worry about arranging transportation and accommodation for participants. Besides, they don't have to book a few places to eat and drink, set up venues, or think about last-minute cancellations from vendors. Event organizers can run their business flawlessly thanks to event platforms that do everything for them and take the burden off their shoulders.

3. Reduce the Cost of the Events.

Now imagine a conference for a while where you don't have to spend on space, manpower, transportation, decor and stand setup. Make an estimate for cost savings. As you guessed, you will have eliminated all these costs by organizing a virtual conference. Organizing a physical conference comes with a lot of cost. These costs will always increase with inflation rising almost everywhere. An online summit saves organizers unnecessary costs and provides opportunities to create almost the same results as a physical experience in a virtual space with better results. 

4. Connect with the Audience. 

In a physical conference, it is difficult for booth representatives to connect with all attendees. Participants also have trouble getting through the crowd and reaching a representative to solve a question. This negatively affects the participants' experience and causes disappointment. An online conference addresses this issue and enables businesses to build lasting relationships with attendees. Depending on the hosting platform, a virtual conference usually provides audio, video and text chat capabilities. The chat can be a one-on-one session between an attendee and a representative of the organizing company, or a group chat where all attendees can chat with the representative of the company. This not only helps to ease the concerns of the participants, but also provides them with a wonderful experience that builds the relationship between the two parties.

5. Insights and Reports. 

Analyzing the results of a physical conference is quite difficult as there is not much data on the activities of the participants in the venue. It is difficult to know what works and what needs to be changed in a physical event. A virtual conference, on the other hand, provides reliable data that helps businesses make informed decisions in the future. The following data can be provided by the hosting platform after the event.

  • The number of participants

  • The most popular booth

  • Most popular activity (e.g. webinars)

  • Demographics of participants

  • The most popular hours of the event

  • Attendance during sessions

A virtual summit is very valuable not only for the organizers, but also for the participants. It allows people to participate in the event from anywhere with the help of an internet-connected device, free from geographical restrictions. A virtual conference is scalable with enhanced access that provides inclusivity and diversity. For SMEs, virtual conferences are a great groundbreaking opportunity to build brand awareness and reach potential customers worldwide. To learn more about virtual conferences, contact Endless Fairs' expert team now.

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