5 Steps to Host Career and Employment Fairs

Career and employment fairs bring HR teams and the employees who look for a right place to work. These virtual events also provide a unique job interview experience.

Career and employment fairs bring HR teams and the employees who look for a right place to work. These virtual events also provide a unique job interview experience.

Finding the right place to work is difficult and this causes people to change jobs from time to time. Similarly, finding the right employee is not an easy thing. To find the right fit, employers can organize career fairs. But as virtual career fairs emerged and proved their success globally, the impact of physical career fairs began to wane. Today, this format is becoming more and more popular, making it easier for employers to meet the right employees in a virtual environment. 

What is a Virtual Career and Employment Fair?

A virtual career and employment fair basically consists of holding a traditional employment fair online. This situation offers various advantages to the organizers. It is possible to attract more people than physical fairs. It brings ease of use and enables faster recruitment. Moreover, a virtual career fair offers measurable data, is environmentally friendly and a cost-effective way to hire people.

1) Designate a Budget

The price of your virtual fair may fluctuate depending on a few factors. These include:

  • Number of activities you want to put into practice
  • Features you want to add to your fair
  • Duration of the fair
  • General scope of the fair 

As soon as you define the budget, you can contact the fair platform for pricing.

2) Develop a Strategy

When developing a strategy, you should set goals for your fair. This will help you define the narrative of your event and guide your team towards specific goals. How will you define success? What is the goal you are trying to reach and what are the KPI's you want to achieve? Set a date for your virtual career fair and start preparations at least 1 month in advance to avoid rushing the setup and marketing of your event.

You also need to plan and develop your content for the event, including videos, images, and text. At this stage, you can decide the scope of the fair and determine the expected number of visitors.

3) Describe Open Positions

The virtual career and employment fair is your chance to make a list of all the vacancies your company has. According to recent research, recruiting online is a better way to attract key specialists to your ranks.

All you need to provide is the correct information. So for the virtual career and employment fair you need these details:

  • Complete list of current open positions in your company
  • Company location information
  • Current news and, if possible, stock market information
  • Corporate videos (interesting and short)
  • A list of benefits to be gained by joining the company

This is how you can increase your chances of attracting new talent and recruiting great experts. In addition, take advantage of dashboards that simplify recruitment processes for job seekers and employers.

4) Marketing 

Although neglecting some technical details has compensatable results, the shortcomings you will experience in marketing will cause nobody to hear about your fair. It is important to use marketing techniques to reach your event's target audience and maximize your reach.

There are many ways to promote your online career fair;

  • Take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Take advantage of email marketing
  • Use your sponsors and partners to spread the news
  • Add relevant keywords to your show page to improve search ranking
  • Ask the speakers to introduce their sessions
  • Create a press release

5) After the Event

After successfully completing your fair, you should stay in touch with the candidates you find again. Try to reach out to potential candidates. Be prepared to answer additional questions and remember that people often need some time to make a decision. You can organize personal meetings and interviews. Feel free to provide feedback to people and keep in touch with them.

Organize Virtual Career and Employment Fair

Meet the online career and recruitment fairs that contribute to employment and offer maximum results by bringing jobseekers and employers online. Organize your online fair with modern technology by making use of the power of digitalization. For more information, contact us now.

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