What is a Virtual Conference and How Is It Organized?

The virtual conference is one of the most popular online events. Do you know what are the advantages of the online conference and the tips about digital conferences?

The virtual conference is one of the most popular online events. Do you know what are the advantages of the online conference and the tips about digital conferences?

We live in a world where time and speed are so important. It is impossible to exclude our way of doing business and communication methods in professional life from this change. In this remarkable transition period that made it possible for people all around the world to work for the same organization and purpose, it is now increasingly costly in terms of time, carbon footprint, and financial burden to physically gather a team.

TIf we consider that he first live video meeting was accomplished via a device called "picture phone" at the World Fair in New York in 1964; we can understand that how quickly technology has changed our lives.

The importance of virtual activities increases

Today, remote working is becoming permanent, the importance of supply chains is getting more and more, and employers and organizers are moving away from the additional costs for the events. Technological possibilities, especially the internet, reshape almost every habit. Even research shows this change. More than half of the corporate structures state that they are either fully or partially working remotely.

For these reasons, usual business meetings are changing. Because it is not necessary to be in the same place for the same project. Many people from different cities and even countries come together through virtual platforms. On these hard days, when international travel is restricted and physical activities are canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizing online events turns out to be an ideal option. Virtual conference is one of these events and preferred by more and more people every day.

So, what are the advantages of online conferencing and what exactly does it promise organizations?

What are the advantages of organizing virtual conferences?

Organizing digital conferences is most effective in professional life. It is an indispensable type of communication, especially for the teams working remotely. These conferences bring all the advantages of physical meetings to the digital environment to the digital environment. They can strengthen the team spirit and increase motivation. Online conferences alsı make conversations better by using body language. Online conferencing can generally facilitate your work in the following ways:

  • It is much easier to take notes, share screens and view the same file or material simultaneously in a digital environment.
  • It can be ideal for informative purposes and suitable for providing short and regular in-house training.
  • It is a good solution for idea exchange. The question and answer sections to be held after the virtual conference can also take you to a networking expansion. You may acquire new connections and encounter unexpected opportunities.
  • Live streamed virtual conferences allow you to make the most of the advantages of the online world. You can simultaneously address the audience and, as the organizer, record the event for later repost.
  • You can create a great application area for your employer branding work with large-scale virtual conferences with all employees.
  • It can turn into forums focused on the exchange of views rather than hierarchical dialogue.
  • It allows you to overcome space and time constraints and zeroes your transportation and logistics costs.
  • It offers a highly interactive event experience as it provides instant video communication and allows participants to connect from wherever they want.
  • The carbon emissions from a two-hour flight are equivalent to a 500-hour virtual activity. Therefore, online conferencing, one of the virtual events that save nature from tens of millions of tons of carbon emissions, is the better choice.

What should take into account when organizing a virtual conference?

As in any virtual event, if you pay attention to some points while organizing a virtual conference prevents potential problems. This provides a more efficient virtual conference experience that will not interrupt the participants' motivation. Things to consider while preparing for the virtual conference and during the event can be summarized as follows:

  • Before the virtual conference, make sure that you have a sufficient internet connection and that all communication tools, especially microphones, are working smoothly.
  • Determine the event agenda before the virtual conference. If you want to speak to motivated people who tend to be a part of an interactive conference, they should know what the subject is.
  • The virtual conference you will organize should be as interactive as possible. You can also promise the participants at appropriate time intervals or do the last part as a question and answer.
  • Share your online conference activity through various tools, especially share via screen sharing, and make your online conference better with visual contents, graphics, etc.

A comfortable and professional online conference experience

We have summarized the advantages of organizing a virtual conference and the issues that require attention during the event. But taking all these factors into account and finding a reliable online platform that meets your expectations comes first. For this reason, the solution partner you will work with also affects how efficient your virtual conference will be.

Endless Fairs is the first online event organization platform in Turkey, can be a good option for organizers, thanks to its long time experience in this field. With its infrastructure and experienced team, you can make your digital events - including virtual conferences - more effective and productive. The convenience and advantages to be offered to you in Endless Fairs' virtual conference service can be summarized as follows:

  • You decide the number of participants. If you want to organize a virtual conference offer special content, you can restrict the number of participants or invite more people if you want to speak to different people.
  • Google Chrome is the best for a better conference experience. But the organizers and participants can attend the virtual event via other web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. They can use almost any browser.
  • You don't need to waste time with details. All technical requirements are prepared by Endless Fairs.
  • If you wish, you can stream your virtual conference simultaneously on third-party platforms such as Zoom and Vimeo Studio 6, etc. 
  • You can give a virtual certificate to the participants after the digital conference or to some audiences who achieve something during the virtual event.
  • You can also provide paid training within the scope of virtual conferences. Digital certificates issued within this framework are usually used as reference documents that will be effective in job applications requiring special qualifications. The virtual certificate valid in the applications for associate professorship given at the end of the paid education at the Hematological Diseases Nursing Congress organized online by Endless Fairs is a suitable example for it.
  • You can get simultaneous translation service during the virtual conference.
  • Thanks to the Endless Fairs infrastructure, you and the participants can instantly ask questions during the virtual conference. You can also do instant polls that will allow you to have a small-scaled public opinion.
  • You can organize other virtual events simultaneously in parallel halls.
  • You can add recorded presentations to live virtual conferences and get sponsorship income by broadcasting advertisements.

How Can You Organize A Digital Conference?

It is quite easy to run an efficient virtual conference in Endless Fairs.

  • Visit our website and then create an organizer account.
  • From the organizer page, you can enter the event name, domain name, date, session duration, event time, etc. add details.
  • Select the digital areas for the virtual conference, such as halls, lobby, conference room, the appearance of the venue, etc. If you wish, you can choose the appropriate one from the customizable building designs or request a special design.
  • Get support from the Endless Fairs team for any questions you might have before the virtual conference.
  • Create the calendar of your virtual conference and share it with the Endless Fairs team.
  • As the organizer, you always give the final decision. If you wish, you can manage the virtual conference or get support from our professional team.
  • Measure the event performance during and after the virtual conference, thanks to the data!

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