7 Types of Events You Can Take Online During A Pandemic

7 event types that we can take online during the pandemic process, which makes radical changes in every stage of our lives, are mentioned in our blog post in detail.

7 event types that we can take online during the pandemic process, which makes radical changes in every stage of our lives, are mentioned in our blog post in detail.

The pandemic process has created radical changes in our lives for more than 1 year regardless of age, rank or race. We have encountered situations that we would never have thought of in any period of our lives, and we tried to overcome some obstacles. This process which requires effort and patience, has also returned to us as life experience. Small businesses and workers working in these businesses were among those most affected in this process.

When we look at it from the outside, this process which always affects our lives in a bad way has also given us some gains at certain points. The good news is that; People have begun to realize how practical and convenient online platforms are. At this point, online platforms started to rise. By accepting that adaptation is a part of life, we can see how people adapt to unconventional situations.

What are the 7 types of events that people can take online during the pandemic period?

1. Conferences & Summits

Among the events you can take online, conferences and summits are the most well-known. If you ask, “Why should we attend the conferences online?”, our answer will be ‘Why not?’. The essential question here should be 'Why not?' In other words, why stick to the old methods when there is less cost and more practicality in the process of gathering people under one roof? For this reason, especially after the pandemic period made it necessary for us to do these events online, it also showed how practical and profitable online events are.

Thanks to online conferences and summits, you can reach large audiences with stronger infrastructures and invite speakers from all over the world.

2. Trade Shows

The most important of our main goals in our business life is to maximize the target customer group. However, could we do this before the pandemic? Even if your answer is no, it's never too late for anything. The important point here is the situation you are in and the most strategic steps to be taken in this process. A physical event that you have been organizing for a long time may have been canceled due to the pandemic, and this may have caused disappointments for you. However, how can you be sure that this disappointing situation will not open new doors? By turning to online events instead of physical activity, you will perhaps see great changes in your customer base, which you have been targeting for a long time but have never seen the results you want. 

Trade shows are a very useful type of event to be held online. By hosting a virtual trade show, you can interact with potential customers from all over the world and interact with your leads in less time by creating a virtual store within your event.

3. Career Fairs & Job Fairs

The idea of recruitment online without face-to-face can be frightening. However, consider this at this point. What we know in general in our lives is always safer, while what we do not know is scary. When we leave our comfort zone and head towards the unknown, we sometimes watch success come to us quickly. Top organizations around the world are now starting to meet their potential employees virtually. Virtual career and job fairs bring university graduates together with companies that are among the best in their fields under one roof.

At this stage, instead of canceling and postponing your career fairs, move them to the virtual environment. Get together with thousands of people and expand your business network thanks to a solid infrastructure.

4. Onboarding Fairs

Business owners agree that success goes along with the amount of new recruitment. If you want to make successful progress in the new recruitment process, you must create a strong recruitment program. If you cannot carry out this process in the office and face to face, you can make progress as you wish with onboarding fairs. Even if you are someone who adheres to traditional methods and is not very open to new ones, after trying once, you will see how practical and fast the process is. 

5. University Fairs 

Universities are generally institutions that follow technology closely. For this reason, they dominate virtual platforms and can easily adapt their students to these processes. However, we must consider that more than this is necessary. Most university graduates are now actively looking for work and trying to cope with the problem of unemployment. Due to the effect of the pandemic, most job interviews could not be held or postponed. In parallel, this negatively affected the new graduates. We can say that the widespread use of virtual university fairs and open days helped both graduates and university candidates not to be victimized during this period. Even if we think that there is no pandemic, people were able to communicate easily with institutions around the world thanks to virtual university fairs.

6. Networking Fairs

It is important to use the right communication channels while sharing very important information. So do not be frustrated or worried about offering benefits plans to your employees when you can't host them in a conference room.

Hosting a virtual benefits fair can help your employees learn about benefits through an easy and interactive online event. This prohibits the fact that people in the Human Resources department work long and separate hours for each employee. It also provides a better way for employees to access eligible plans.

7. Workshop Events

Students are among those most affected by the pandemic process. The disorder in their school life and the setbacks experienced in the transition to the new normal order caused especially difficult times for students who dream of university. Students preparing for university or studying at university could not attend the physical workshops that they would attend in order to fill their CVs and improve themselves in order to take firm steps towards their future. Online workshops have been organized for students to improve themselves, practice and as a result of this, they can receive certificates that summarize this process. With the positive feedback received from students and organizers, these workshop events started to become widespread day by day.

Although we do not want to get used to difficult conditions such as a pandemic, we must take steps to overcome this process in the best way possible. We should not postpone the things we have dreamed for a long time because there are obstacles in our lives, and we should look for alternative ways. At this point, the inability to organize physical fairs should not be an obstacle for us, but should lead to the search for new alternatives. We hope that you will benefit from the power of online events and earn success for yourself in this process. Stay tuned to Endless Fairs for more.

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