World Fairs Day!

As the Endless Fairs, we celebrate World Fairs Day which was decided to be celebrated by UFI that is the global association of the fair industry, together this year.

As the Endless Fairs, we celebrate World Fairs Day which was decided to be celebrated by UFI that is the global association of the fair industry, together this year.

World Fairs Day is a day specially determined by the global association of the fair industry, UFI. It was started to be celebrated in 2016 in order to remember all the workers working in the fair industry around the world and it has been celebrated ever since. Fair organization, which we describe as a trade event, is a sector that directs sectoral developments and allows us to follow the technology in the closest sense. It enables both buyers and sellers who want to gather under a single roof in any area to come together and to promote products and services in the most clear way. There is a need for fairs in almost every sector.

The demand for fairs that bring producers and consumers together is increasing day by day. Fairs provide companies with large-scale gains in terms of self-development in the commercial field, gathering information about customers and establishing new relationships. Companies that want to improve themselves in the sector they are in and to come forward compared to their competitors can participate in fairs and get to know their competitors and realize their own deficiencies  thanks to the comparisons made.

As in every sector, the fair sector has started to gain new dimensions with the development of technology. Hybrid and virtual fairs have begun to replace physical fairs, which we are all familiar with. As virtual fairs became more widespread, we started to see that they have many advantages compared to our traditional method, physical fairs. For both participants and organizers, virtual fairs made the processes easier and more practical. Since nature and environment-friendly virtual and hybrid fairs conform to the ideology of many companies, this acceleration in its progress is increasing day by day.

The new generation of fair organization creating a new perspective in the business sector and the acquisition of more responsive employers and employees in this field also increase the tendency towards virtual fairs in a positive way. We can say that it is our duty to arrange a special day for a sector that has such a great contribution to business life around the world and to celebrate it every year. World Fair Day is celebrated in order to underline the positive contributions of promotion and marketing in the business world.

What are the Contributions of Fairs to Business Life?

  • Fairs provide access to a sector or industry under the same roof in a specified time period.

  • It is one of the best marketing tools for products and services.

  • Every fair means a global vitality. Economic and social solidarity enables the development of industry.

  • It provides employment for over 500,000 people in the world.

  • At the same time, when the fair is held, the needs of the participants such as accommodation, transportation and food and beverage are met. Therefore, other sectors also benefit from it. 

Rates in Fair Organization

  • 32,000 fairs are held in a year all over the world. Approximately 4.5 million companies participate in these fairs. 303 million people visit the fairs. These fairs are held using 1217 fairgrounds.

  • 482 fairs are held in Turkey in a year. More than 62,000 companies attend the fairs every year. About 26 million people visit it. 40 fairgrounds are used.

Happy World Fairs Day to every worker in the fair sector!

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