Advantages of Online Career and Recruitment Fairs

Online real estate fairs where the successful people in the real estate sector come together and share information, offer unique opportunities to their participants.

Online real estate fairs where the successful people in the real estate sector come together and share information, offer unique opportunities to their participants.

With career and recruitment fairs, (or virtual job fairs) increasing in importance and number day by day, employers are one step closer to the employees they are looking for, and employees are closer to the job that suits their needs and careers. When we combine the advantages of digital technology with these functions of career and recruitment fairs, online career and recruitment fairs present an easy, low-cost fair experience that provides high access. Online career and recruitment fairs that appeal to more employers and job seekers with an online platform have many advantages with opportunities that technology brings.

Online career and recruitment fairs are events that take place on a specific day and time, bringing employers and job seekers together online. While employers create their own stands and meet with job seekers, job seekers can get information by visiting the online stands of employers, and apply by uploading their CVs.

It is believed that virtual job fairs are only for working remotely. However, despite popular belief, online career and recruitment fairs are not just for remote work. On the contrary, very few of the participants work from home. In fact, virtual fairs are just like conventional career and recruitment fairs, except organized online. It aims to bring an easier connection between job seekers and employers online and provide convenience.

Online career and recruitment fairs can be sponsored by organizations such as universities, trade associations, and employment agencies. Just like conventional ones, virtual job fairs can target any industry, profession, and or region. Or, by expanding its borders, it may also aim to reach wider regions, more cities, and more countries to reach far more people. It also provides convenience for the employment of international companies.

What are the Advantages of Online Career and Recruitment Fairs?

• It eliminates the obstacles of the physical fairs and since the travel needs are no longer apparent, both the fair organizers, the participating institutions and the visitors do not have to travel, change places to take part in the fair. It also provides convenience for job seekers with physical disabilities who might have difficulty in participating.

• Provides resources to organizers and institutions with retrospective data and contact information of the participants, which they can use, analyze, and make long-term inferences.

• It has a customizable infrastructure according to the exact needs of the organization. Thanks to the opportunities provided by technology and our improvable infrastructure, your online fair can go beyond physical templates and can be organized and shaped as you wish. It provides the perfect fair experience by offering exhibitors a real fair atmosphere, absolute convenience, and digital amenities.

• It provides an income source to the fair organizers with its advertising and sponsorship areas. Digital sponsorship areas throughout the fair can be opened for many brands inside or outside of the fair, and these become  extra areas where you can earn income.

• It eases fair organization with low and manageable costs and eliminates unnecessary expenses. It allows you to reduce the cost by minimizing and simplifying the basic organization processes such as travel, accommodation, rental of places that are brought by physical fairs. With its  features  made possible by modern technological infrastructure, it enables a connection with people across the country or even the world. In online stands, employers can meet with job seekers and provide further information with chat or video calls. Documents uploaded to online stands allow institutions to share their information and diversify their communication channels.

• It enables you to reach the right person with filtering opportunities such as job, profession, interest, experience, ability in the system. This technology, which allows both employers and jobseekers to match accurately, prevents loss of time, and maximizes the successes.

• Job seekers can be identified for their interests prior to the fair with the information that could be obtained during the registration process, and directed to the right area. CVs to be requested from the visitors. This ensures that employers reach the right employees. With the personalized profiles that the participants will create in the registration section, business opportunities can be listed according to their interests and experiences. Likewise, companies can list employees and get their contact information with the criteria they are looking for. In this way, the right job and the right employee can be found among hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of employees precisely accurate.

• Experienced speakers who can be invited from the sector can provide resources with seminars held throughout the fair by offering advice on job resumes or tips for job interviews. Firms can provide information about themselves, as well as referring to the company's website and job postings.

• With its strong technical infrastructure and unlimited visitor capacity, as many employers and employers as you wish can be hosted.

Job Seekers and Companies Meet at Online Career and Recruitment Fairs

Meet the online career and recruitment fairs that contribute to employment and offer maximum results by bringing jobseekers and employers online. Organize your online fair with technological amenities by making use of the power of digitalization. For more information,  contact us now.

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