Online Education Fairs Bringing Students and Schools Together

In this process that it is our ultimate goal to reach education with the most reliable ways, online education fairs bring students and schools together and succeed.

In this process that it is our ultimate goal to reach education with the most reliable ways, online education fairs bring students and schools together and succeed.

With the beginning of school enrollment periods, students feel the need to learn more about the schools they will prefer. Schools' websites are not sufficient in this regard, as well as physical education fairs and open days can make it difficult for students to have a travel disability or ones that want to learn about their options in more than one city/country. Online education fairs organized to meet this need bring together the students who want to get information about the education and opportunities of schools where they will meet educational institutions who want to introduce the opportunities offered by  technological features.

Online Education Fairs  being most popular for high schools and universities recently, it is not only for registration and preference periods or for high schools and universities. Different educational institutions such as language schools, educational consultancy institutions, student dormitories, vocational schools can also come together with other institutions or students in online education fairs. However, with the start of preference periods and the registration periods of foreign schools, university fairs and open days are gaining importance for both schools and students.

Advantages of Online Education Fairs

• Since Online Education Fairs and University Open Days are not physically organized, there is no obligation to limit it to just 2 days or 1 week. In this way, the total number of potential visitors will increase, students who try to decide during the preference period will be able to visit the fair or open days again and participate on any day that they are available.

• Virtual open days, which eliminate physical barriers since they take place online, allow students in different cities, countries, or disabled people who cannot attend the physical fair to easily get information from their homes and ask questions they are curious about. Eliminating the need for travel enables any student with an internet connection to join. In this way, students who plan to go to study in different cities or countries do not have to travel to get information, they can come together with schools from different countries wherever they are.

• With live university seminars, schools can provide information about the school itself, education programs, campus life, or career opportunities they offer, answer questions, and record these online seminars to students who missed them. You can increase your number of visitors and reach more students thanks to the seminars where lecturers, faculty representatives, or graduated students can participate and present their experiences, knowledge, and comments on any subject.

• By organizing live online meetings where faculty representatives can answer students' questions about school and education programs, they can inform prospective students one-on-one and communicate with students in a more intimate framework and explain what they want to know about the school. In these interviews, schools can provide documents for the student, provide communication information that they can reach in the future, or they can promote to students according to their interests based on the information provided by the student during registration.

• You will be able to advertise in more accurate areas, and convey certain presentations and promotions to relevant students, thanks to the interests and departments that students will add to their profiles they will prepare while registering. After the fair, you can measure the interest in certain areas with the sum of this information, and use this data in your promotional activities.

• With the retrospective participant and visitor data and statistics we offer, you can carry out marketing activities integrated to your event, you can see the age, gender, region, interests, and departments of the students who are interested in your school collectively and you will not be in touch with the students you want to contact after the university fair or promotional days.

• You can keep your activity budget low by not encountering expenses such as travel, accommodation, brochure printing, employee salaries, stand setup, and you can evaluate your income from the fair in different areas.

• You can expand your budget with the sponsorship agreements with brands who follow a special marketing route for students and the advertising spaces you will offer in the virtual fair environment, and you can promote the opportunities offered by the brands for the students participating in the fair.

• You can offer an unforgettable online event experience by creating a real fair ambiance and integrating the existing 360°sightseeing option of schools into the event, withstands designed specifically for faculties and departments or institutions, and the fair atmosphere created based on the appearance of the university.

With the strong infrastructure we offer, you can bring together an unlimited number of students with schools in a virtual environment and host all potential students that you can reach during the enrollment period in the virtual university fair and open days. Have a perfect event with the technical support we provide throughout the event and do not miss the enrollment period by organizing your events as soon as possible thanks to the easy installation.

Endless Fairs is with you to carry your university fairs, international education fairs, university open days to digital, to take advantage of the power of virtual fairs, and to increase the impact and income of your activities. Enjoy a unique event experience with the ready-made infrastructure we offer and the fair atmosphere to be designed specifically for you.

Bring Students and Schools In Digital Environment With Online Education Fairs and Open Days

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