Features To Look For When Searching For A Virtual Career Fair Software

To companies that are looking for virtual career fair software and take the virtual career fair forward, the tips about virtual career fair software are in our blog.

To companies that are looking for virtual career fair software and take the virtual career fair forward, the tips about virtual career fair software are in our blog.

With the development of technology and its touch in every part of our lives, radical changes have occurred in our life order. These changes have affected the things we are used to in many aspects from our daily life to our business life and have given us new perspectives. Even the recruitment of financial institutions has undergone new changes in this order. From investment banks to savings and credit unions, insurance companies and brokerage firms, they've all switched to virtual recruiting. And for that, they all need the best virtual career fair software available. Companies that want to leave old methods aside and take their place in this digitalized world are trying to realize their employment processes in this direction. At this stage, companies need a virtual career fair software that will organize their virtual career fairs as they wish. If you are one of those companies looking for virtual career fair software and planning to take your career fair to the next level in the virtual platform, we have some important suggestions for you.

1. Capture Relevant Attendee Information

Gather information to help you make decisions about your viewers as you invite them to register for the event. This information can be from career to interests, university to diploma and even the city where they work. You can also collect a resume and cover letter during registration using a file upload form field. Adding these fields to the registration form enhances your database and helps you understand audience demographics. This sign-up page is also mobile friendly so your audience can easily sign up from mobile.

2. Use the Search Filter

Once you think you have gathered all relevant attendees, you can easily search for attendees using the search filter. The built-in search resume filter helps you filter leads and find the right talent for your company based on the criteria you set. In this way, your work will be accelerated and you can get more effective results. At this point, you will have implemented the option of making jobs more practical, which is one of the most important factors in choosing virtual recruitment fairs.

3. Book Meeting and Schedule Chats

When it comes to career fairs in the financial services industry, networking and connecting with people in the industry is essential. The virtual career fair software you decide to use for your financial institution should facilitate easy networking between the organization and department booths. Networking and group video chats will aid an easy flow of communication. In addition, the appointment feature, which allows participants to schedule chats in advance, ensures that no one misses the meeting with the relevant department.

When chatting with potential employees and sequencing multiple conversations, you can easily understand exactly who you are chatting with by viewing user profiles. In addition to the basic information from the data you collect during registration, you can also see additional information that the user would like to specify. You can also keep the context of the conversation by simply adding notes and tags to the chat. You can then export with chat results.

4. Draw in Audiences with Interactive Webinars  

Virtual career fair software must support webinars. Webinars are a great opportunity for your organization to not only talk about your company values and culture, but also the various departments and types of open positions available. You can also build your employer brand as you interact with potential employees. Educate the incoming audience about your company's history in a fun and engaging way.

Wiith live Q&A and surveys, the host can engage with attendees, understand their point of view, and guide the conversation based on their interests and more willingness to learn. You can also host pre-recorded or semi-live webinars while taking full advantage of live webinars. Try to choose the option that you are comfortable with and can easily work with.

5. Brand Your Virtual Department Booths

Your virtual booths can be allocated to various departments in your company. These booths are fully customized and branded according to your organization's needs. You can also choose the icons placed on the stands. They can be ethnically diversified and have different visuals. Thus, it helps you to connect with the target audience. These are very easy procedures for you if you know your audience well and are an expert on who and how to contact them.

6. Opt for a Device-Friendly Platform

When choosing virtual career fair software for your financial institution, remember that attendees can be on the go or connected from different devices. Cell phones, tablets and laptops can be used any of these, so make sure your virtual career fair software is compatible with multiple devices. This provides convenience for your attendees and helps increase engagement and interest in your event when audiences are not limited to a single device.

Important Tips 

The virtual recruiting method is highly preferred not only because of Covid-19, but also because of the many advantages it offers. 70% of talent professionals think virtual recruiting will be the new standard. Therefore, when looking for a virtual career fair software for your financial institution, you should consider the following:

  • Customizable registration forms to capture the information you need,

  • Filtering resumes to find the ones that best suit your organization's needs.

  • Integrating easy access and reservation feature to chat areas so that everyone can access booth sections,

  • Educational and interactive webinars to engage the audience,

  • Virtual booths that are branded according to your needs and can host content,

  • Device-friendly software that appeals to people logging in from mobile phones and tablets.

 In order to have a company that keeps up with the times and to evaluate the personnel that you will choose for your organization in a more practical and professional way, you should give importance to recruitment fairs. In this way, you will realize how much your workflow has progressed and contributed to your company. At this point, a good virtual career fair software will be needed. In order to do better work, choose a reliable and expert company. You can trust Endless Fairs' expert team to organize a virtual recruitment fair. Don't forget to follow us for this and other informative blogs.

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