How Did the Online Exhibitions Enter Our Lives?

How online fairs entered our lives, one of the most up-to-date innovations in these times, which we can call the age of technology we live in are in our blog post.

How online fairs entered our lives, one of the most up-to-date innovations in these times, which we can call the age of technology we live in are in our blog post.

As most of the business is being done on the internet in recent years, exhibition activities have also been affected by this trend and the process of adaptation to the digital environment has started. At this point, the definition of online exhibition has emerged and as a result of the technology, “online exhibition” concept was started to be used in 1990, and It was presented to the investors in a presentation in New York in 1993.

When we look at the present, traditional fairs started to be held in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and in the regions where the industry is clustered. The main reasons why it started in those locations was that it was easier to reach to those cities from all regions in Turkey and abroad, the business world is concentrated, and the exhibition centres were located there. At this point, online exhibitions became complementary to physical exhibitions and became a new alternative for regions where transportation is difficult. Thus, businesses turned their faces to online exhibitions, designed using the information and technology of today. Finally, online exhibitions started to be used by almost all businesses.

Development of Online Fairs

With the advancement of technology and the increased usage of online in our daily lives, online exhibitions became the saviour of the organisations when it is not possible to participate in physical exhibitions. For example, the work needed on resources such as location, time, and budget has halved thanks to online exhibitions. Again, a new system has emerged for the organisations which cannot afford the expenses of physical exhibitions, and this very factor played a big role in the development of online exhibitions.

Another factor that played a role in the success and the development of online exhibitions was the user friendliness. As the design was made in line with the expectations of the customers, online exhibitions gained the attention of the customers and increased the demand. Different language options, especially developed for export-oriented businesses, made a global impression. Access to the internet with mobile devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones also provided added convenience for both the organisers and the visitors.

Potential visitors were reminded via email prior to the exhibition, allowing them to remember the exhibition in their busy schedules, thereby increasing the number of visitors. Thanks to the detailed reporting system provided after the online exhibition, businesses continued to establish profitable relationships in the long term, by maintaining communication with their potential customers. Even if there was no opportunity to sell in the exhibition area, it can be done after the exhibition. With all these advantages, the online exhibitions became the new trend of today and with the ever-increasing demand, online exhibitions started to become widespread.

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