The Importance of Online Fairs During the COVID-19

Covid-19 that has affected the whole world has restricted face-to-face activity. To what extent has the importance of online fairs changed with the Covid-19 period?

The Importance of Online Fairs During the COVID-19

Covid-19, emerging in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and increasingly affecting the whole planet, disrupted all face-to-face activities in the world. The global economy suffered almost 1 trillion dollars of losses due to the declining business activities. During these troubled times, the company owners started to look for suitable alternatives to stay in touch with their target audiences, potential customers and stakeholders, and by using the blessings of the technology, faces are all turned to the online organisations.

Every year, multi-billion-dollar worth of exhibition trade is carried out in the world. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was estimated that the world exhibition trade will grow by 5 to 7-fold till 2022. This growth rate was above the annual average growth rate forecasted for the global gross income.

The Covid-19 pandemic directly affected exhibitions, and in almost all countries, physical exhibitions are cancelled or postponed avoiding the risk to the public health. In today's world, which suffered from the economic difficulties due to Covid-19, digitalization has become the new rule of the world.

Effect of Online Fairs on COVID-19 Era

With the ever-developing technology, the activities affected by Covid-19, started to switch to the digital. Online fair software, which comes as a panacea to physical fairs, has become the saviour of organisations. Demand for online fairs increased by 80 percent after Covid-19. Online fair solutions started to be considered as an option that can be turned into an advantage during these negative economic conditions and after.

Online fairs are a very practical alternative the period of Covid-19, as they are easy to operate, low cost and more accessible. Currently, online fairs are preferred as a useful, practical and possible solution for the continuity of trade shows. Thus, the damage suffered by the physical fairs can be off-set until this epidemic, which has shaken the world economy, ended.

Online Fairs Being a Good Solution in the Covid-19 Period

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