Proven Virtual Conference Best Practices and Tips

By organizing virtual conferences increasing their importance in our lives, important tips are in our blog post for the question of 'How can we be more successful?

By organizing virtual conferences increasing their importance in our lives, important tips are in our blog post for the question of 'How can we be more successful?

The pandemic has pulled us from the physical world we live in and pushed us to digitize. One of the most affected sectors in this process was the event sector. For this reason, physical activities that used to be more often left their place to events in the virtual environment. People who wanted to move with the times and succeed started to organize virtual conferences and participate in these conferences.

Although it was not easy for everyone to adapt to this radical change, it was easier to reach large masses with the advantages of the events organized virtually.

What are the best practices for hosting a successful virtual conference?

1. Set Your Clear Business Goals For Your Virtual Conference.

Whether you aim to reach a larger target audience or have more leads. If you want to increase your profits through virtual conferencing, make sure your entire team corresponds to your goals. Determining the profit on your investments helps you measure and evaluate your activity process successfully. 

2. Be Direct and Clear About The Topic Of Your Event.

Adding strong content to your event and providing clear and simple messages allows you to reach the maximum relevant target audience at the same time. The people attending your conference will also be informed as they intended thanks to your conference. 

3. Choose the Right Event Provider.

A conference is directly proportionate to the interaction between the participating individuals. In order to encourage collaboration between participants and speakers participating in your platform, be sure to present the text, voice and video chat tools. 

Also, ask firstly your event provider about social integration options to enable attendees to share and maximize access to your event.

4. Take Your Virtual Conference to Places You Couldn't Earlier.

After you decide to organize a virtual conference, there are certainly places you want to go to but could not reach because of some obstacles. Reasons such as transportation or financial burden may have removed you from your goals. Virtual conferences annihilate this situation now. In this way, you can be found wherever you want and how you want to be. 

5. Spread The Word. 

Use social media platforms and your company website to reach your target audience and increase participation in your event. Dedicate a hashtag special to your virtual conference so you can follow up on posts and other events circulating around the event. 

6. Send Reminders to Your Participants.

Many people who are committed to the business sector find it difficult to remember details due to the intensity during the day. Before the event, schedule frequent reminders that include the time, date and your virtual conference connection, and thereby do not miss the sessions where registrants checked in and much more.

7. Always Provide An Alternative To Video Conferencing. 

People from all over the world will attend your event with a range of networks available to them. In case of poor connection, make sure to provide them with audio options in order that they can continue participating in webinars and other sessions.

8. Assign A Moderator.

The speakers may have all the information in the world. However, not every speaker in your virtual conference is capable of keeping participants excited. Appointing a moderator can help direct conversations, organize surveys, and keep the audience concerned throughout different sessions.

9. Extract Attendees’ Feedback & Data. 

You will need feedback to make future improvements. On the other hand, it is crucial building a database with your potential customers. Adding  the necessary information to your customer relationship management will create a future benefit for you. 

10. Record Your Sessions.

You may have spent a lot of energy running the various sessions, and you may not want them to disappear when your conference is over. Considering the efforts of the team working in your conference, you will not want this data to disappear. You can add your sessions to your library for future marketing and references.

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