Steps to Create a Succesful Webinar in Your Virtual Fair

The steps you should pay attention to while organizing webinars that are indispensable for business life in recent times, in your virtual fair are in our blog post.

The steps you should pay attention to while organizing webinars that are indispensable for business life in recent times, in your virtual fair are in our blog post.

Webinars have become popular lately. These online conferences that take place online in an interactive environment and allow companies to reach an international audience, reduce event costs, and increase returns. Although the trend towards webinars is rapidly increasing, it should be kept in mind that this is not a passing trend or fad and that webinars are now a part of our lives. According to MarTech, by 2021, video content will account for 80% of global traffic. Besides, webinars can help businesses save up to 75% of annual costs. Moreover, it takes an environmentally friendly sustainable stance and is extremely effortless to organize. We have listed the points you need to pay attention to easily organize a successful webinar.

Define a Target Audience

The first point in planning your webinar is choosing the target audience. If you determine who will  listen to  you well, you can plan the structure of the webinar. You need to determine what visitors are most interested in and what solution they want to find through your webinar.

Find Speakers

If you do not plan to be a speaker and want to attract third-party experts, then you need to start the search immediately after the target audience has been determined. The speaker should focus on finding a solution to the problem of the audience. Finding speakers who closely meet the needs of your target audience will be an asset. You can increase participation by highlighting the  advantages  of a virtual seminar. Explain the expected number of visitors and how this can positively affect the speaker's success. If the format allows, you can also allow speakers to sell or advertise their products on the online fair platform.

Create a Plan

Just like a physical conference, webinars require a clearly defined plan. A webinar should have an agenda that not only defines its plan but also attracts more participants. A basic structure; It should include a keynote, presentations, and the duration of all activities. If you want to create an interactive and participatory webinar by holding a Question & Answer session in your webinar, you can include this in the plan chart and encourage the participants to wait for the end of the webinar.

Prepare a Landing Page

The landing page of the event will provide information about the speakers and will provide an advantage for attracting more attendees and for more visitors to register. The landing page can also provide information about the event sponsors. You can diversify the data you obtain from the landing page by asking personalized questions, and you can use this data for personal information, as well as  continue to communicate  after the event according to your interests.

Promote Your Event

After creating a landing page, it's time to start promoting the event. Here are some ways to advertise your event effectively;

  • Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Send mass emails using your mailing list
  • Prepare a bulletin to reach the masses
  • Add a banner or popup on your website promoting the event
  • Ask the event's speakers and partners to spread the news in their own circles

Prepare Your Employees

Not everyone can navigate through a virtual event without assistance or attend an event without support. To help make the event a smooth and informative affair for the attendees, you need to prepare your staff for answering queries during the event. Virtual fairs have a chat option (audio/video/text) that allows attendees to interact with the event organizers as they wish and resolve their concerns. Selecting people for this task from your team and training them to use the online platform effectively to answer questions will help you improve people's experience as well as run a successful webinar.

Analyze the Webinar

You will most likely want to use this method again after the event. But for that, you need to analyze how your webinar is going to be better next time. Save your stream and watch it several times. Determine what needs fixing and how you can attract more participants.

Reach Your Visitors With Webinars

Virtual conferences not only provides a chance to make the project/company popular but also paves the way to a real financial advantage in terms of cost-saving.  Contact us  to organize a virtual fair where you will reach your participants with webinars.

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