What is a Hybrid Fair and What are the Advantages?

All answers of the questions such as what hybrid fairs you will perform in both physical and digital environments and what advantages it offers are in our blog post.

All answers of the questions such as what hybrid fairs you will perform in both physical and digital environments and what advantages it offers are in our blog post.

Marketers love events because of many reasons but perhaps the most important one is the wide and dynamic networking platform that they provide. According to Statista, which provides valuable statistics on markets, 79% of US marketers sell using trade fair marketing. While traditional conferences, seminars, and trade shows have been popular marketing and lead generation tools for years, the past decade has seen the emergence of hybrid fairs taking over the trade show marketing industry in an instant.

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What exactly are hybrid events and why are they so advantageous?

If you have ever played slot machines, then you know that online casino players love hybrid and virtual fairs. However, you may not know what a hybrid or virtual fair is. These are events on various topics that take place online and do not need your presence. One example of such a hybrid or virtual fair is an event held by an $10 deposit casino NZ with the introduction of new games and drawing prizes among visitors.

What are hybrid events?

Simply put, it’s an event that takes place in both a physical and digital setting. This is achieved by broadcasting a conventional event online through techniques like live streaming, webinar broadcasting, or setting up a virtual space that mirrors the ongoing physical event. The ability of these digital extensions to appeal to physical and remote audiences at a live show gives them the name hybrid.

Fair Participation Increases By 20%, Your Productivity Increases By 27%

Virtual and hybrid fairs are popular among Chilean casino players as they allow you to attend popular events from the comfort of your home. NetEnt online casinos https://casinoschilenos.online/netent/ have long known that players enjoy both hybrid and virtual fairs. One way to make virtual and hybrid fairs more realistic is to offer a live stream of the event. In addition, casino players will be able to see live dealers.

For those who fear that the option to attend the fair online will reduce participation in physical activity, this rate proves otherwise. Virtual extensions have quite the opposite effect because they help you catch attendees who would not have been able to make it to the physical premises. It also captures passive visitors who may not see much reason to attend a physical event, choose to attend from the comfort of their home or come from afar. By providing a more convenient mode of engagement and showing passive visitors the potential of your engaging content online, you increase their chances of attending the upcoming physical event.

Online Exhibition Technology Reduces Costs by 20% - 30%

Physical events already require a lot of resources, money, and time. However, you can be sure that virtual fairs will not increase these costs. By adding a digital trade show extension, you lower the cost per exhibitor and lower your audience's travel expenses. This may be a factor that eliminates the reasons limiting physical participation.

Provides Data-Based Lead Tracking

Thanks to the  technological infrastructure provided by virtual fairs,  it monitors all registration, login, chat, viewing, downloading, and sharing processes. These numbers are very useful in determining the number of people who attended the event and the quality of their engagement and experience. Being able to monitor the participation level of the exhibition visitors facilitates  post-event communication  and tracking as you can share customized content with them, which is much more powerful in capturing potential customers.

You Can Continue To Increase Your Return On Investment After The Live Fair Is Over

The most distinguishing benefit of virtual events over their physical counterparts is that once the live days are over, the virtual event can still live on. By making the  webinars that help you connect with an international audience  and content accessible to an international audience in the virtual fair, you can make the most of your content and extend the life of your fair by expanding opportunities to create potential customers and  earn money.

Next Steps

In addition to the cost of your physical exhibition, hybrid fairs provide more with much less and offer  advantages to your organizations.  Once you analyze the situation, it is easier to see this spend as an investment that increases the impact and profits of the physical fair than as independent marketing spend. According to Planning Pad, by the end of 2017, 26% of all meetings and conferences will be held online. This huge percentage demands that you stay ahead of the game and add a virtual component to your upcoming physical events.

Hybridize Your Fairs

Contact us now  to take advantage of the power of virtual fairs that offer a digital and modern experience that will increase the access and impact of your physical fairs and strengthen your organizations with a hybrid fair experience.

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