The Advantages Of Virtual Franchising Fairs

The valuable opportunities offered by virtual franchising and dealership fairs to both exhibitors and visitors in line with their career goals are in our blog post.

The valuable opportunities offered by virtual franchising and dealership fairs to both exhibitors and visitors in line with their career goals are in our blog post.

Virtual franchising fairs take place to bring brands from dozens of different sectors together with investors, to ensure healthy, efficient and strong communication and to create networking opportunities.

Franchising fairs can be defined as fairs where brands that want to expand and open up in the sector and want to use franchises for this purpose come together with new investors and names they can cooperate with. In these events, brands set up stands where they present their services or products, working principles and brand values, while visitors visit the stands of the brands they plan to invest on and get information.

The advantages brought by the technological infrastructure of the virtual fair platform come to life in franchising fairs.

Here are these advantages, which offer a pleasant and productive event for both organizers, exhibitors and visitors.

Lower Cost

Thanks to the low cost of virtual fairs, both organizers, exhibitors and visitors have the chance to come together in a much more inexpensive way.

Organizers can organize a fair at very low cost without the need for a physical space and decor.

Participating brands do not have to spend money on large and comprehensive stands which are needed at physical franchising fairs, they can spend this budget on their content and on the training of their employees for the virtual fair side.

Visitors can participate free of charge without incurring expenses such as accommodation and travel.

Real Fair Atmosphere

Entrepreneurs, investors or company representatives who want to conduct sector research on franchise, make investments or establish connections with different companies come together in an online experience that offers a real fair atmosphere. In this way, they can develop new collaborations on franchising, as well as have networking opportunities and create new connections.

Ease of Access

Physical franchising fairs can only host visitors and exhibitors who can take the time to participate and find the opportunity, while virtual franchising fairs can bring brands and investors from all over the world together. Further so, it is possible to include visitors who are not investors but who want to get information about brands in the fair, thus an increase in the awareness of brands can be observed.

Live Support

Thanks to the 24/7 live support provided to both the organizers and participating institutions before, during and after the fair, a fast and efficient organization and an effective and smooth fair process can be achieved.

Unlimited Capacity

The number of visitors and brand stands you can host at physical fairs is limited by the size of the venue where the fair takes place. But in virtual fairs, the limit is only your imagination! You do not need to think about the capacity of your fair, thanks to the technological structure of virtual fairs that allow thousands of brands to meet with hundreds of thousands of visitors at the same time.

Live Chat and Video

Whether it is for a new dealership agreement or just to establish connections and get information, meetings can be held where representatives of the stands and visiting companies or entrepreneurs can come together and have a live communication, and all the advantages of the interactive virtual fair platform can be used.

Retrospective User Data and Statistics

Brands can collect information directly about the visitors who visit their stands,  engage with the brand, interact with and make interviews, can easily obtain detailed statistics of the fair and stand visits, and can take a step in this direction while carrying out their marketing activities and can  stay in touch after the fair.

Retrospective User Data and Statistics

Organize a virtual franchise and franchise fair for an event that brings businesses together, full of advantages and new collaborations, and meets the ease of bringing masses together on the online platform.  Contact us now  to get detailed information and to organize your fairs with us in a virtual environment.

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