10 Virtual Fair Features You Can Utilize

10 different features of the virtual fairs that can be turned into an advantage thanks to its technological and innovative structure are mentioned in our blog post.

10 different features of the virtual fairs that can be turned into an advantage thanks to its technological and innovative structure are mentioned in our blog post.

Virtual fairs bring numerous advantages and features to the fair industry thanks to its technological and innovative structure. Organizers should analyze the critical points of this new platform full of features waiting to be discovered for an efficient fair and complete their plans by using these advantages. In this article, we have listed the most important points for you in virtual fairs.

Low Cost

Since virtual fairs do not have large expenses such as travel, rent, salary, decoration, they are crucial for organizers to use their budgets easily. While the remaining budget can be used on different subjects, the participants also do not have to pay any expenses to participate in the fair. For this reason, it may be advantageous to emphasize this feature while organizing the fair.

Time Efficient

Virtual fairs, which can be prepared quickly as they do not have any physical aspect, mean saving time for both organizers and employees. Virtual fairs, which can come to life as you want in a very short time after providing the necessary information and materials, are life-saving for events that need to take place in narrow time intervals.


Since there is no need for travel and all materials are delivered to the visitors online, the possibility of encountering any problems in this virtual environment is much lower than in physical fairs. In addition, by performing your marketing digitally, by inviting visitors online, you open the door to visit the fair directly.

Efficient Marketing

In physical fairs, the number of stands that potential customers can visit is fairly limited. However, thanks to the  fast and effective marketing  opportunity brought by virtual fairs, the opportunity to collect potential customers is more efficient than ever.

Wide Access

The fact that virtual fairs provide simultaneous and effortless access to the whole world uniquely increases the target audience and potential customers. In addition to different language and simultaneous translation options, you can literally reach the whole world thanks to the  powerful technology  that allows hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors at the same time.


Accessibility, which is one of the biggest advantages of the virtual environment, does not exclude potential visitors who have disabilities in participating in physical fairs from the fair. On the contrary, it aims to enable them to participate in the easiest way with services such as subtitles, voice commands and text enlargement that will remove their obstacles.

Data Collection

In a virtual fair, you can see the personal and contact information of the visitors collectively and you can use them to  stay in touch after the fair  and use them in re-marketing activities. It will also be a great advantage to obtain the statistics of the visitors and make analyzes on your target audience.


Since virtual fairs do not have direct human communication, they make up for this difference with  interactive content  and live chat. Due to this feature, the importance given to the content and the attention required for live chat to go smoothly take an important place. Therefore, your  communication with your visitors  is strengthened and the fair experience has a unique interaction.

Center of attraction

Unlike physical fairs, it is easier to determine the points that visitors will focus on in virtual fairs. But to keep attention, content, images, and overall design need to be engaging and engaging. In this regard, it will be the right step to have a design language that stands out and produces engaging and immersive content.

Ease of Use

Virtual fairs have simple and easy usage that immerses the user quickly. But they may have features that may be difficult to navigate for visitors who are not good at technology. For this reason, you should make the interface of your fair as easy and understandable as possible, and you should explain in a clear language how all the features of the fair are used by providing a user manual-like content at the intro to the fair.

Organize Your Fair in Virtual Environment

Organize your fairs in a virtual environment to benefit from the technological features and wide access opportunities brought by virtual fairs, and get rid of unnecessary expenses and time loss.  Contact us now  to get detailed information about virtual fairs with Endless Fairs.

Virtual Education Fairs Globalizes EducationUSA

Endless Fairs and EducationUSA that lead virtual fairs, enabled potential students all around the world to come together and share information with US Universities.

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