The Best Virtual Conferences Platforms Have These Key Features

The most important features and tips of the best virtual conference platforms that keep up with the new requirements of the era are mentioned in our blog detailed.

The most important features and tips of the best virtual conference platforms that keep up with the new requirements of the era are mentioned in our blog detailed.

Let's imagine a virtual conference. But out of the ordinary. No handshakes or greetings, no sitting at the same table with people. Although it may seem a little strange at first, we should be aware that our lives are evolving with such innovations with technology and that we need to get out of our comfort zone to catch up with the era. Conferences, which we used to be accustomed to holding in physical areas, are now held on digital platforms. Although many of us may not have assimilated this idea immediately, people who attend virtual conferences for the first time or who have more than one experience can make a wide range of comparisons with traditional fairs thanks to the positive processes they have experienced. As a result, we can say that the advantages of virtual conferences outweigh.

There are many issues that attract our participants, who will talk about the advantages of virtual conferences at length, in these processes. The best virtual conferencing platforms make sure they add the most useful and interactive features to their products natively or with best service provider integrations so they can get top-notch functionality. 

What are these important main features that make virtual conferences special? 

1. Event Spaces with Webinar Auditoriums

One of the ways to appeal to any audience is usually to find a middle course. Although we talk about the convenience of holding virtual conferences, we can emphasize how important it is to think about people who are used to traditional fairs and to take steps in this context. The way to add a little more realism to your virtual conferences is to offer an event space. So you can create an environment that would be similar to your attendees entering a building for a physical event and then finding an auditorium for a conference. You will feel the sense of reality more and you will increase your memorability in parallel. Some platforms offer rich and immersive environments, while others may offer designs that are not easy to navigate.

However, you will not create a virtual conference without webinar functionality. The best practice would be to offer webinars that are easy to set up and use, and that integrate deeply with any virtual meeting platform you use. If your platform space offers the opportunity to add a brand, this means even more advantage. Customize it to look like your own venue or location so your attendees can feel more connected to your platform.

2. Breakout Rooms

With the breakout rooms, you have found a great way to communicate, collaborate and improve problem-solving skills with participants. The new virtual event solutions will also allow you to easily add this much-loved feature of physical events. You can divide the participants into different groups and encourage them to discuss and brainstorm ideas on industry topics. With this you can make standard virtual events much more interesting and stimulating.

3. Live Q&A

We continue with the amazing features of the best virtual conferencing platforms. The best virtual conferencing platforms focus on enhancing their webinar features. The most important of these is to offer attendees the opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions in real time. This is also a great way to simulate face-to-face conference interactions. Being able to contribute to verbal discussions helps people become invested in the content of the conversation and is a great way to exchange ideas and review them with a group.

4. Polling

Another great must-have feature is to offer live polls during webinars. You can ask participants how they feel about a particular topic and make an assessment of how engaged they are in a session. It's also very beneficial for post-event analytics, as surveys allow you to gather information about engagement levels and learn more about your audience.

It will also help the speakers change the subject abruptly during the session, depending on what the participating group would like to discuss further.

5. Auto-generated Captions

The best virtual conferencing platforms ensure their solutions are broad and inclusive. For this purpose, most of the platforms use automatically generated captions for their webinars. In this way, people with hearing impairment are also allowed to follow the discussions and be a part of the conferences. Subtitles also help viewers follow webinar content more easily.

6. Live Translations

If you're addressing a multilingual crowd, live translations are an essential and great feature to have on your platform. Some of the best virtual conferencing platforms integrate with tools like Wordly and KUDO, which allow readers to read and listen to a live webinar in their language of choice. Conferences with such features can expand globally and seamlessly.

7. Networking Lounges

The ability to interact with speakers sets the standard for successful conferences, while the option to interact with other participants is essential. The purpose of several attendees is to attend conferences to make new connections with people with common interests. Therefore, there is no reason, and should not be, for a virtual conference to deprive them of this. Great and successful tools can provide multiple ways for participants to interact with each other through chat, audio, video, and even group meeting options.

The days are gone when people flagged webinar invitations as spam. People look forward to attending exciting virtual conferences that offer new insights from their favorite speakers, versatile exchanges with them, and the opportunity to network with others in the industry. But for all this to happen, you need to choose the right virtual conferencing platform. Be sure to use this checklist to see what features they offer natively and the integrations they support. Stay tuned to Endless Fairs' informative blog posts to learn about this and other helpful tips.

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