Virtual Education Fairs Globalizes EducationUSA

Endless Fairs and EducationUSA that lead virtual fairs, enabled potential students all around the world to come together and share information with US Universities.

Virtual Education Fairs Globalizes EducationUSA

Virtual education fairs enable educational institutions to come together with their potential students, to tell them about the advantages, opportunities and facilities of their institutions, and to establish a communication network in the easiest and most convenient way.  Virtual education fairs  that can reach students from all over the world simultaneously as they do not depend on a single location, offer a single content in dozens of different languages with the option of simultaneous translation that can be integrated into different language options and webinars, and minimize costs for both students, participating institutions and organizing organizations, offers a brand new fair experience to the digitalizing world.

In this respect, EducationUSA “U.S. Universities Virtual Fair 2020”, organized by EducationUSA, Global Education Programs Office of the US Department of State, in cooperation with Endless Fairs, comes to life as a great opportunity to bring US universities to the world

Hundreds of thousands of students from Dhaka, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and India gathered with representatives to get information about undergraduate education at US universities and shape their plans, bringing more than 110 US universities together with their potential students.

Thanks to the virtual platform targeting undergraduate and graduate students, they meet with the representatives of the universities they have dreamed of over live chat, and learn about education in America through webinars.

Schools, on the other hand, present their documents, promotional visuals and video clips to hundreds of thousands of international students, interact directly with their prospective students and keep in touch after the fair by collecting information.

Virtual Education Fairs Bring Students and Schools Together

It is easier than ever to reach students with virtual education fairs to make good use of the university and high school registration periods. To organize your virtual fair or to take part in our fairs with Endless Fairs where you will benefit from the power of digitization and generate income,  contact us.

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