Virtual Tourism and Travel Fairs Liven Tourism Sector

Owing to the virtual tourism and travel fairs that enable people from around the world and different nationalities to meet, the tourism industry is alive gradually.

Owing to the virtual tourism and travel fairs that enable people from around the world and different nationalities to meet, the tourism industry is alive gradually.

Tourism and Travel Fairs are events that usually take place every year, bringing tourism industry members together and with visitors for potential investments, new developments in the industry and exchange of ideas. Tourism and Travel Fairs usually host the leading domestic and foreign tour operators, airlines and transportation companies, regional and national tourism promotion boards, software companies, search engines and reservation systems in the tourism sector It can also be held online without having to be in a physical environment only contrary to the belief and take advantage of digital fairs.

It provides contributions to industry professionals such as finding new business partners and increasing cooperation with business partners, receiving and comparing offers from many companies, obtaining information about new tourism destinations, products and services, and collecting necessary materials, catalogs and contracts for future business activities.

Visitors who want to make a vacation plan can get information about hotels with jacuzzi in room, resorts and countries, choose holiday destinations, arrange tours or compare them by getting price offers from different tour operators, consult the professionals at the stands, make holiday plans, or gain experience and information about the events and the destinations they want.

The visitor profile for Tourism and Travel Fairs generally consists of hotel and tourism enterprises, tour operators, travel agencies, tourism suppliers, official institutions and organizations, diplomatic representatives, event organizers, academic institutions and organizations.

By organizing Tourism and Travel fairs online, you can include companies that can not participate in the physical fair from all over the world, and you can host visitors from all over the world. In this way, your visitors, who can participate in your fair only with an internet connection, can attend from different cities or countries without the need for travel.

Virtual Tourism and Travel Fairs facilitate fair trade with low and manageable costs and eliminate unnecessary expenses. It allows you to reduce the cost by minimizing and simplifying the basic organization processes such as travel, accommodation, rental of places that are brought by physical fairs.

With its  technological features  that virtual fairs possess with its modern technological infrastructure, professionals from the tourism sector come together and chat or make video calls at online fairs in the customizable online stands that enable easy access and communication to people from all over your country or the world. Documents uploaded to online stands allow institutions to share their information and diversify their communication channels. With its strong technical infrastructure and unlimited visitor capacity, any number of companies and visitors can be hosted.

Experienced speakers who can be invited from the sector for the seminars held throughout the fair can provide information about the developments from the sector. Companies can provide a lot of information about themselves, their stands or whatever they want, as well as referring to their website.

Online tourism and travel fairs provide a source of income to the fair organizers through advertising and sponsorship areas. The digital areas can be opened during your high-access fair to many brands inside or outside the fair, and these areas become extra areas that you can offer at your fair, and extra areas where you can earn income. Tourism brands put across their names and their services on a high-reaching online platform and remarkable points, both with other companies and visitors, reaching a wide and accurate audience and having the chance to use their name related with the trade fair brand.

Online Fairs facilitates fair trade with low and manageable cost, and reduces your cost by minimizing the basic organization processes such as travel, accommodation, rental of places brought by physical fairs, which eliminate unnecessary costs.

Provides resources to organizers and institutions with retrospective data and contact information of the participants, which they can use, analyze and make long-term inferences.

Bring Tourism and Travel Sector Together

Meet virtual tourism and travel fairs, which bring together big companies and representatives from the tourism sector from all over the world and contribute to the tourism sector. Organize your virtual fair with technological opportunities by making use of the power of digital. For more information  contact us now.

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