What Are The Advantages of A Booth Designed Effectively?

Although the virtual events are not behind of the physical ones, there are some differentiated things, and one of them is virtual booth stand design. Get the tips about it by reading our blog post.

Although the virtual events are not behind of the physical ones, there are some differentiated things, and one of them is virtual booth stand design. Get the tips about it by reading our blog post.

No matter which society or culture we come from, we experience the change in everything, because of globalization. We handle lots of things online such as daily needs, shopping, meal order, buying the products on our market list. Of course, Covid-19 pandemic that affected lots of things, for example, business and health systems, also accelerated the process to move the physical events to the digital world.

Virtual events are the natural outputs of “new normal”

Remote working is the new black in lots of industries now, because of pandemic conditions. So, social events that require physical participation are begun to be reorganized online. Virtual events are shining out day by day, and this new situation is one of the first outputs of the “new normal” era. In line with these conditions, the design and functionality of the boots which are produced for virtual events are more important than ever. So, online events and virtual booth design types have become more popular.

What are the significant points about the design of virtual booths?

Actually, there is no such a big difference between physical and virtual events. Because the main purpose is the same: Attract the visitors to the booth as much as you can. Of course, this is the first step of the process. Some points, for example: keeping in close communication with your visitors, understanding their needs and affordability of your product or service in line with the cost that customers can pay and their expectations are still important things in digital events. Like the physical ones.

So, if we accept the reality that everything starts with the booth design in virtual events, let’s ask the question: What are the significant points about the design of virtual booths? At first, you must be sure that your booth is designed as shows your company or your brand’s promise or not. Why do the visitors should visit your virtual booth before the others? This can be possible only with a customizable design that interesting, non-eye-straining but don’t miss the focus. At this point, you should inform smoothly the designer who will do 2D or 3D booth modeling. The designer who must have the technical knowledge that is essential for this work must fully practise the modeling.

Strong software is a must for productive virtual events

You also should gather some information about the company which provides the technical infrastructure of the virtual event you’ll participate in. Participating in a virtual event has a weak software infrastructure is not a risk to take. Besides the budget you spent, you can be sure that you don’t want to think about the financial loss on your annual plan due to the loss of potential customers, and the damaged corporate confidence.

How do virtual booths are designed for digital events?

Corporate elements like logo, type font, etc. are the most important parts of your corporate identity. You can be differentiated from your rivals with the colours, logo visibility, booth location. But you should be careful whether the software provider of the virtual event allows you to bring your unique booth design and integrate it to the digital space you rented or not.

Virtual booths must include general information about the company, details about the exhibited product or service, links, and other informative things. All of these must be located in the booth where the visitors can access easily within the functional layout plan.

What do you have to plan before the online events?

A good product or service placement is another important part of online event booth designing. Because a virtual booth design that provides limited space to the product or service can also limit the company representatives. If you have a booth design that can be a visual, audial, n deven an emotional communication bridge; it means you’re with the right people.

Virtual booth design has an important role in the communication between the visitors and the participants. Even the dialogues can be changeable due to the virtual booth type: 2D or 3D. On the other hand, how will the visitors walk around the virtual event? Will they visit your booth with avatars or webcam display? How will your dialogue be; written messages or voice? These are the other questions, and you should find the answers.

Functional booth design in digital events and the new point of view

Obviously, you have to find new solutions to have an attractive booth for the visitors if you’ll participate as an exhibitor in a digital event. It’s quite possible that you can offer some snack foods or soft drinks to prove your customer-friendly attitude in physical events. But it’s not the same for the virtual ones.

Therefore, the design of your virtual booth is a real game-changer about this process. So, you need a digital booth design that allows you can give discount codes, e-vouchers, instant advantages, etc. to your visitors. It’s quite possible that you can make a difference with a booth where the downloadable documents, promotional videos, and visuals can be located in line with a concept that you decided before the event.

The functionality of virtual booth design is related to the bridge between your company and the visitors. There’s a strategic difference between an appointment-based event or waiting for the visitors. This case affects some points, such as how many team members will be trained for it. Modeling of the virtual booth and the technical infrastructure of digital event space are the details you can’t ignore.

As you see, a virtual event is not only renting a digital space and waiting for the visitors there, booth design is also an important thing. So, you have to choose professional teams, if you want to give a good virtual experience to your visitors. For all the virtual events you want to organize, get in touch with us here.

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