What is Marketing? What Are The Marketing Methods and Their Effects on Business Life?

TVCs, billboards, social media, search results and more… Marketing is everywhere, but what does it mean exactly, and how it affects business life? Let’s read this!

TVCs, billboards, social media, search results and more… Marketing is everywhere, but what does it mean exactly, and how it affects business life? Let’s read this!

More or less, we buy different products or services for different purposes every day. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s a dry cleaning service to get rid of the stain on our jackets. Of course, this process includes e-commerce and other e-services which are one of the most important opportunities in today’s world, and Covid-19 pandemic accelerated. And our marketing methods design which product or service we need and why we need them. Well, what does marketing mean exactly then?

What is marketing?

As a comprehensive definition, marketing is a process that proceeded by producers or service providers to increase sales by designing which products or services can draw attention and satisfy consumer’s needs and supported by advertising and communication projects.

How do marketing elements change today?

This process was proceeding with conventional mainstream media, and usual promotions or mouth-to-mouth; but today, digital platforms are commonly used. This innovation is defined as digital marketing and it changed almost everything by creating customer data, processing this data in line with marketing targets, sorting customer profiles by buying preferences, measuring the results of communication strategy, and input these results as new feedbacks to the system to have new results, and finally understanding the customer satisfaction after-sales faster.

This change also triggered content marketing which is consisted of social media, gamification, SEO-based texts, etc. and leads viral marketing which is based upon the contents are shared by thousands of people in a short time.

How marketing was born?

At first, the marketing process had a simple structure and limited space. Therefore, it was resembling advertising. Because their aim was the same: Promoting a commercial product or service with an expectation of creating added value.

It was told that the first advertising works were designed first in 1450, and these “ads” were handwritten. After that, Gutenberg invented the printing machine and they turned into the printed formats. But in a contemporary context, we should accept the popular ad posters are showed up first in 1839 as the first contemporary advertising samples. These first samples led the outdoor marketing in the city centers.

Labour loss and political conflicts in the post-WWI period embodied the marketing concept. This situation continued and produced the first examples in the early years of the 20th century. Especially, it was accelerated when the plants, which were founded to produce for militarist purposes and use high-level technology, were converted to produce products and services for daily life in the post-WWII era. Meanwhile, an important question had occurred: “What will we produce, and for who?” This question took the lead in untheorized marketing ideas and sparked international trading.

Milestones of marketing: TV commercials and telemarketing

The first radio commercial was broadcasted in 1922 and the first TV commercial was screened in 1941. Only after 13 years, tv commercial was the leader of the advertising industry.

On the other side, telemarketing methods were being well-known day by day. The sales promotions via tv and call center scaled it on the individual level and created a new point of view. So, producer and service provider companies communicated directly with their potential customers, and tried to understand how they could promote and sell the new products or services to customers.

The first step: E-mail marketing

The early 2000s is the golden age for web technologies. In these years, globalization began to penetrate everything strongly, and marketing teams adapted themselves to this dizzying digital transformation era.

The first e-mail was sent in 1971, and the first marketing-focused e-mail was sent after 7 years, in 1978. But it became popular in the early 2000s. Because in these years, more people began to buy internet service at their homes and offices, and e-mail marketing was the new black fort he business communities.

It may not be the first marketing method today, but e-mail led up social media, SEO, display advertising, banners, and sponsored videos.

The main actor started the transformation: Digital marketing

The new marketing methods went forward and created new methods, such as e-commerce, search engine advertisingsocial media posts, blog contents, instant messaging platforms, pop-ups, affiliate programs, etc. Today, both B2B and B2C brands and corporations are using lots of unique methods, and making benefits from instant promotions, website visitor journey, clicking and conversion rates, displaying statistics, remarketing results, etc. All of these things are so valuable to have Big Data.

No doubt! This situation also changes the business life and office routine. One of the examples in this way is subscription-based meal delivery services.

Spotify presents special and tailor-made playlists to the people who look for concentration at the office, WhatsApp Business transformed the customer relation service, thanks to instant reactions. HR teams don’t settle with social events; they also try to bridge between the company and employees via digital platforms and content marketing tactics.

Asana, Jira, and Slack are communicating so many teammates easier every day wherever they are. Corporations design the best digital persona for their communities to show themselves with a unique identity on social media and have a loyal relationship with their target audiences.

A new meeting point: Virtual event

Profesyonel ilişkileri ve iş yapma şekillerini böylesine değiştiren pazarlama süreçleri ve teknolojik gelişmeler, günümüzde iş çevrelerinin bir araya gelme biçimini de etkiliyor. Marketing process and technological innovations transformed professional relations and doing business forever. They also suggest new meeting type: Virtual event And it’s more buzzy than ever nowadays, because of coronavirus pandemic conditions.

Bu bağlamda düşünüldüğünde, geniş çaplı kurumsal buluşmalar da tıpkı şirket veya kurum içi toplantılarda olduğu gibi dijital ortama hızla taşınıyor. Sayısız kurum, kuruluş ve marka; dijital etkinliklerde bir araya geliyor ve potansiyel müşterilerine çok daha az masrafla ve görece daha hızlı bir şekilde ulaşıyor.

Covid-19 force everybody to move away from crowded indoor events. So, virtual faironline conference, and other digital events are the new blacks for business communities. Because these organizations are great options to get in contact with more visitors or audiences, they are also useful to measure the event performance, thanks to digital statistics and reports.

Strong structure and the importance of virtual booth design

Digital events have no disadvantages when we compare them with physical ones. If you find a reliable and strong infrastructure partner, everything will be easier and more functional for you.

Endless Fairs is the first digital event company in Turkey, so it’s deeply experienced in virtual events. The company provides professional support, technical infrastructure, and virtual booth design consulting to the corporations and brands at extensive events they want to participate in.

Of course, there are lots of examples about this topic. But all in all, the greatest strength of today’s marketing world is digital marketing, and we can’t deny that it changed our daily life and routines. In a nutshell, there is only one important point that we have to care about: How do we make benefits from all of these opportunities in our daily routines and business environment to make our lives and society better?

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