What Does Online Conference Platforms Offer?

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What Does Online Conference Platforms Offer?

We live in a world which is rapidly changing day by day. It is obvious that Covid-19 accelates and produces a catalisor effect on changings. We have already started to gain experiences that we hope to happen almost 20 years later. In other words, we have to get used to the new understanding of life. Although it comes difficult at first, we manage to keep up with this great change in many different fields. At the very beginning of this habits conferences which took lots of time in the past, now it transforms to an online platform and become a part of our lives named as Webinars. So, what are the webinars? How can webinar platforms make our lives easier?

What is webinar?

The webinar is a word which is produced through a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”. In other words, it means an event which is organised on an internet environment independently from time and place. 

Video Calls

Participants can communicate with each other through using webcam and microphone in online conference platforms likewise in physical meetings

Share Screen

Participants and speakers can be share their screens whenever needed with online conference platforms 


You can direct participants to the survey questions to get feedback from participants and to organize more interactive sessions with online conference platforms.

Instant Access To All Types Of Documents

Online conference platforms allow you to instantly download all kinds of documents related to the seminars from slides of your speaker to your device.

Ask Instant Questions

You can ask any questions you want to learn about from the chat section without waiting que during the meeting. You can also follow the questions by other people who are attending the meeting. When the time comes, the moderator directs your question to the speaker in order to get an answer to your question without disrupting the meeting.


You can record sessions with online conference platforms and watch it again after the session.

Moderator Control

In online conference platforms, the conference moderator can access the participant list with the control panel where the participants are listed. He or she can invite, mute or get out off people from the meeting from just a single click.

Reach More People Than Physical Meetings

The number of people who will attend a physical meeting is directly proportional with the capacity of the place where the meeting is held. With the Online conference platforms “you” will determine the number of people who will attend as an organiser not the place where you organise your event. Thus, you can reach much more people than physical events.

Save Your Time And Expenses

Online conference platforms save your money and time on the way through saving from external expenses beginning from the hotel expenses that the event held on up to flight tickets for your guests whom will be attend from different countries

Time- Space Independant Access From All Kinds Of Devices

You can attend your conferences and meetings from wherever and any device you want to attend with online conference platforms. Online conference platforms have been specially designed and produced for your access from all kinds of technological devices from smartphones to computers and tablets. 

The start of online trial platforms in courts, the transfer of the general assembly and board of directors to the internet environment, the transfer of the education to the different levels and transfer of in-house trainings to the internet environment with in the development of online conference platforms considered as milestone