How Does Virtual Career Fairs Take Place?

Virtual career fairs have emerged as a dynamic solution to help employers get rid of all the limitations of traditional recruiting events. For more information check out our blog post!

Virtual career fairs have emerged as a dynamic solution to help employers get rid of all the limitations of traditional recruiting events. For more information check out our blog post!

What is Virtual Career Fair?

Virtual career fairs have emerged as a dynamic solution to help employers get rid of all the limitations of traditional recruiting events. By providing an online platform, employers and job seekers can now connect in a virtual environment that simulates the feel of a physical event, but without restrictive features known to be a source of frustration for recruiters.

Creating a digital environment, a virtual career fair eliminates the need for exhibitors or exhibitors to invest in expensive travel, reschedule previous commitments, or lose valuable networking opportunities due to geographic distances. And by empowering businesses with the freedom to select future talent from a global pool of candidates, finding the perfect employee is no longer a daunting task as before.

How Do Career Fairs Take Place?

All that is required on behalf of visitors is to make a quick registration via a special landing page that allows candidates to create their profiles and upload their resumes. The digital career fair can be accessed by visitors from all over the world using the internet connection and mobile/desktop device. Visitors can access the event 24/7, allowing potential customers to freely navigate the exhibition stands, network, explore job boards and apply for positions digitally without a physical presence.

To enable two-way communication, a well-designed event hosting platform will provide real-time audio, video and text-based chat options for candidates to interact with employer representatives. By working overtime to attract and retain audiences through virtual career fairs, on-demand webinars, real-time Q&A sessions, and live keynote speeches, they simultaneously deliver exceptional value for hosts, employers, and guests worldwide.

In the past decade, virtual events have been handled more as the aftermarket market leader launched the practice. Companies of all sizes were diving deep into the idea without really analyzing the pros and cons of hosting digital career fairs. This naturally led to some events performing poorly and others being downright disastrous. Once you fully understand what a virtual career fair is, it becomes crucial to understand the innate benefits and whether these benefits fit your recruiting and employer branding goals.

Why Virtual Career Fairs?

High Recruitment Efficiency

The virtual platform can be enriched with candidate tracking tools and smart resume search features to help employers part their way with slow candidate shortlist applications.

High Visitor Participation

Regardless of their location in the world, removing travel and time restrictions compared to physical event encourages higher participation and attracts the attention of both passive and active candidates.

Transportation Channels for Candidates

Employers with access to talent with diverse backgrounds and skills utilize versatile candidate-job lines to assist collaborative and fast recruitment.

Easy Information Exchange

Eliminating the need for marketing materials and expensive corporate giveaways, virtual career fair features such as Video Vault and Resource Center help easily share company videos, photo galleries, FAQs, brochures and more to paint an engaging picture that reflects corporate culture.

A Strong Brand Marketing

Providing employers with personalized stands, the look, colors, style and feel of the virtual event replicates branding goals for hosts and attendees. The stands are equipped with high-resolution staff avatars in addition to private tabs to share video content, documents, vacancies, company overviews, and even chat options.

Impressive Visitor Experience

Did you know jobs get 36% more submissions when matched to video content? Imagine increased visitor attraction if employers use webinars to increase audience engagement. Virtual platforms can host pre-recorded or live webinars to discuss popular industry topics, and even invite guest speakers to start interesting Q&A.

Live chat

Online career events provide booths with chat features, allowing job seekers to quickly reach booth representatives and receive real-time responses. Meanwhile, recruiters can also take advantage of this technology to conduct quick interviews to screen candidates onsite.

Measurable Results

Achieve real-time data to identify preferred employers, types of jobs, unique and recurring visitors, webinars views and more, providing measurable insights to help ensure consistent improvement in event quality.

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What You Need to Know About Virtual Career Fairs

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A Guide for Interviews at Virtual Career Fairs

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