What You Need to Know About Virtual Career Fairs

For your career and job fairs to be both recruiting and an unforgettable experience, we have listed every aspect of them in this blog post.

For your career and job fairs to be both recruiting and an unforgettable experience, we have listed every aspect of them in this blog post.

The success of a memorable virtual career event depends on a great feature set to provide not only fast recruiting but also a stimulating experience, safe interactions, and of course measurable performance results.

Let's take a look at the key functions offered by virtual platforms that strengthen employer branding and reduce recruiting time, while seeing ways to impress your visitors with a lasting first impression.

Brand Specific Landing Page

The first step to making your virtual career show stand out is to create an exciting, brand-specific landing page where job seekers can register for the event, create profiles and upload their resumes. This page should also provide a career fair overview, program, exhibitor information, job search advice and additional information tailored to the host's preferences.

Platform Compatibility

Enabling the participation of job seekers from all over the world requires performing on a platform that provides hosting activities compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Customizable Brand Stands

Simulating a physical sense of event, the virtual platform should provide each exhibitor with specially designed stands and staff avatars to represent company representatives.

In addition, the stands should facilitate the exchange of information with tabs that lead to content such as downloadable brochures, company job postings, videos and chat options.

Ease of Use

The virtual career fair should offer a great user experience that allows visitors to navigate in a user-friendly way. Clearly named areas such as the lobby, exhibition hall, auditorium, information desk, and networking halls all offer specific functions and allow job seekers to navigate seamlessly.

Safe Chat 

Combining voice, video and text-based chat features, the talent can easily reach employer representatives. Also, recruiters can answer questions and even conduct on-site scans.

Networking Opportunity

Allowing all job seekers to connect in a chat room encourages open dialogue and discussion where conversations can be started and valuable connections made.

Comprehensive Webinars

Dynamic webinars are virtual event superstars with live content, such as on-demand and keynote speeches from organizers, Q&A sessions with industry experts, and other guest speakers who provide helpful advice to lead an overall immersive participant experience.

Backpack Module

Paperless marketing and electronic job applications are ideal for environmentally friendly employers looking to pursue a “greener” recruiting strategy. Online activity should ensure that all downloadable resources are added to visitors' virtual backpacks.

Visual and Video Presentation

Employers can use this feature to share engaging content by providing streamlined videos that highlight corporate culture, upcoming startups, and other incentives to boost job seekers' interest in applying for positions.

Information desk

For a job seeker or participant who is new to the world of virtual events, there should be a help or information desk commissioned by your technology provider to ensure that all guest questions are answered instantly.

Resume Search Filters

Intelligent resume search features allow quick listing based on criteria selected by recruiters to zoom in on the most relevant talent in seconds for further scans.

Job Search Board

Making it effortless to search for jobs by industry, job type or company name, the job board makes it easy for talented people to submit their resumes. Meanwhile, organizers take advantage of having real-time insights into metrics such as the most viewed jobs and applicant numbers.

Measurable Results

By hosting a virtual career fair, measuring all important performance metrics such as registrations, exhibitors, stand visits, webinar views, job applications received, and conversations initiated is an important feature that hosts should look forward to.


Features such as leaderboards and scavenger hunts can be included in your event to give points and sponsored rewards to guests based on the in-event.

Career fairs are a great way to introduce your organization to a wide variety of job seekers. They help companies of all sizes and industries to promote their employer brands, fill job postings with great candidates, and build a healthy talent line for all future job opportunities. Every major event comes after a great deal of meticulous planning and scheduling, and the online space, coupled with dramatic advances in technology, brings tremendous relief to the otherwise laborious and weary task of planning and running events. Contact us for detailed information about career fairs.

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