You Can Prepare An Impressive Online Event Invitation in 4 Steps

Tips for designing a standout, attention-grabbing event invitation to ensure maximum participation in your virtual event are in this blog post.

Tips for designing a standout, attention-grabbing event invitation to ensure maximum participation in your virtual event are in this blog post.

To get maximum attendance at your virtual event, you need to design an invitation that stands out in a crowded inbox, attracts attention, and gets people to click the call-to-action button. 

Let's take a look at design best practices to help you create event invitation templates that engage and increase engagement.

Create an Impressive Email Header

The first thing people see when they open an email invitation is the headline title. Compulsive someone creates interest and persuades them to read the rest of the email. 

The key is to use a stunning hero image that matches your event theme, along with a clear headline that clearly tells the reader what to expect from the email. Make sure you don't add too many items as this will crowd the header and distract the reader. 

Use Infographics

Like it or not, but 80% of people just scan your emails instead of reading them. 

This shows that if you want people to be interested in your event invitation and get value from it, you need to make it easy to scan. 

Creating infographic-like invitations can help you achieve this. 

Infographics, a collection of images and text, are great for making complex information easy to digest and understand, so it's a good idea to use them in your invitations. 

In addition to adding visual appeal, email infographics help you communicate information effectively and engage the reader without overwhelming.

Use Videos

According to a study, including videos in emails increases open rates by 19% and Click through rates by 65%.

Videos are effective as they manage to attract attention and convey information quickly in a way that allows subscribers to invest in content.

Depending on your email marketing software, you can embed the video directly in the email or link people to a landing page hosting a video. If you prefer the second option, be sure to place a static or animated thumbnail with a "play" button that lets people know that they need to click to view the video. 

Use the Call to Action Button Correctly

The ultimate goal of every event invitation is to get people to register for your event. In other words, you need to get people to click the call-to-action (CTA) button that will redirect them to the event registration page. 

A study by Canopy Labs found that the CTA below an email outperformed CTAs placed on the left or right side of an email.

However, be sure to use a contrasting color for the CTA button so it doesn't stand out and clash with the background.

When creating text for the CTA button, go beyond general text such as "Click Here", "Get Started" and "Learn More". Use actionable verbs and create a sense of urgency to persuade people to click.

Email invitations are a powerful event marketing tool, but designing attractive and well-structured ones that stand out and stand out in a crowded inbox is crucial.

These suggestions will help you design engaging event invitations that are not only read but also compel readers to click the call-to-action button and register for your event. 

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