How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair?

With virtual career fairs, companies bring talented employees from all over the world to their workforce. We've listed everything you need to know to run a virtual career fair!

With virtual career fairs, companies bring talented employees from all over the world to their workforce. We've listed everything you need to know to run a virtual career fair!

What is a Virtual Career Fair?

Companies often use physical career and job fairs to find potential candidates in a few days' time frame, pre-screen, and sometimes even recruit. It is useful for recruiters who want to recruit top-quality talent in a short period of time, and this has made them extremely popular around the world. However, some factors have been found to inhibit their effectiveness.

As a physical career fair is frequented by people living near their facilities, attracting global talent is getting harder. The budget and capacity constraints of traditional career fairs contribute to the low return on investment, which often makes its value highly doubtful.

If you want to organize a virtual career and job fair, this blog is for you. We have listed everything you need to know to organize such an event online.

Set Your Goals

When a virtual career fair is planned correctly, it will offer you the returns you desire. Consider the following questions before setting up a virtual career fair.

Is this just an employer branding event or do you want a certain number of candidates for the jobs at hand?

Would you like to have job interviews during the virtual career and job fair?

What is the criteria for a successful fair?

Decide on your quantitative goal (employer brand promotion or lead generation) and use it to inform every decision you make.

Customize Your Stands

The great thing about virtual stand solutions is that they leave you a lot of room to be creative with the type of information you want to present to exhibitors. They have wide areas for branding, content (videos, brochures, forms) and interaction. Virtual stands are essentially the same as traditional booths, and sometimes more highly customizable and provide much more flexibility in content format representation. Here are a few items that you can include in virtual stands:

Because people often seek more convenience and answers at virtual career and job fairs compared to traditional fairs, you will be able to get the maximum benefit from the event if your team answers visitors' questions comprehensively and promptly.

To make things easier, you can compile the most repetitive queries and develop a FAQ page with detailed answers from your company's professionals. This can be used to share standardized answers to common queries asked by recruiters in stand chats. You can also share the entire page with participants for faster communication.

The Endless Fairs virtual career fair platform allows recruiters to quickly search based on criteria on resumes collected at the event. This feature can be extremely helpful in reaching relevant candidates quickly and shortening the hiring cycle.

Observe the Performance of the Fair

You should not only focus on how to set up a virtual career and job fair but also be interested in the outcome of the event. Probably the most important advantage that virtual career and job fairs have over their physical counterparts is their ability to clearly demonstrate the show's return on investment. Since visitors are in a controlled environment, actions such as clicks, downloads, CV uploads, and views can be easily measured.

These metrics can also help you evaluate the content types and features that are popular with viewers, and what doesn't work, and change future events accordingly.

After the Fair

Now that you have planned, designed, and realized your event, you can sit back and qualify the leads you collect, and there are several ways to do this:

Registration information: Get the contact information on the career and job fair registration form and reach job seekers.

Participants: After signing up, people who actually attend the event are more interested in your company than those who are not. Create a mailing list from their information and follow up with them by sharing post-event marketing materials.

Applications: CVs uploaded to your career and job fair are already part of your talent pool. Use these profiles to filter and match candidates with job postings.

Chat room interactions: Many visitors will have left their questions or other information at the help desk or in individual booths during chat interactions. Use this information to create leads and communicate with them.

Polls: You can also use polls and polls to keep the audience engaged during the event. The data collected can be used to cluster visitors based on their responses, and different messages can be sent to these groups accordingly.

Bring Global Talents to Your Company with Virtual Career Fair

As can be clearly seen in the whole framework of shooting a successful virtual career and job fair, your business goal setting exercise is key and moves the rest of the activities forward. Virtual Career Fairs pay off if you have a specific plan and run the fair in accordance with these goals, everything from marketing strategies to the website is important and needs to be linked back to the main goals you want to achieve.

Thanks to the virtual career and job fairs that you will organize with the Endless Fairs virtual event platform, bring the best talents from all over the world to your workforce with a low budget and run a global marketing campaign for your brand! Contact us now for detailed information.

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