Tips for Reaching New Talent at Virtual Job and Career Fairs

How can you market your virtual job fairs in the best way? We have listed a few tips on this issue for you.

How can you market your virtual job fairs in the best way? We have listed a few tips on this issue for you.

You provided all your job descriptions in writing. You have listed criteria for your ideal candidates. Your hiring managers, your officers are ready at a virtual job fair for visitors' questions, but no one is attending the event. Why is that? This may be because you haven't featured your event correctly. 

Virtual job fairs have existed for years, but now they have a greater necessity than ever before. Employers are eager to find the best talent, and talent is ready to find the next career opportunities. You might not have thought of a virtual job fair as the right way to build high-quality connections with job seekers. But virtual job fairs were specially created to create a direct link between you and brand new talent at every step! 

How can you market your virtual job fairs in the best way?

We have listed a few tips on this issue for you. 

Engage in Gamification 

More and more virtual events are using gamification features such as leaderboards and bounty hunts. Small events like these help guide attendees into key areas within a virtual event. Research has shown that gamification features in online activities support increased interaction. Including gamification events will help you put your organization ahead of the crowd. As a bonus, visitors associate you with a fun and positive experience. You will receive leads who come directly to you, and participants will earn points for talking to you! 

Set up an appealing stand

Virtual stands are customizable and offer many opportunities to stand out. Create customized graphics for your stand panels that will grab candidates' attention and draw them in to learn more. When they come to your booth, you can offer them tons of resources, such as inspirational videos about company culture, current employee reference documents, and all your open roles. Make your job even easier by giving them the opportunity to apply for jobs at your booth! 

Benefits of Talking to Your Visitors

What makes you stand out as an employer? Why do people want to work with you? Build your employer brand by hosting webinars and other speaking opportunities at the virtual job fair. Having someone present during a live presentation not only increases your brand awareness at the event, it also contributes to your organization's thought leadership strategy. This is also a good opportunity to discover candidates who are genuinely interested in your company, as there will be the most participants in their chat for live Q&A sessions. Be sure to monitor and identify potential candidates you want to talk one-on-one. 

Make Online Interviews

Having multiple employers or company representatives throughout the virtual job fair will help increase one-on-one engagement as they can book meetings with more job seekers. Use the appointment module offered by the Endless Fairs virtual event platform and allow candidates to schedule one-on-one meetings with a recruiter so they can learn more about the company. The recruiter can take notes about the candidates they spoke with and review them after the event is over. 

This is also a great tool for scheduling interviews. Candidates can review your open roles before the event and book an informative interview. Likewise, if you have hiring managers attending the event that day, they can reserve hours to meet with shortlisted candidates. 

Reach Your Visitors 

Endless Fairs offers a unique feature that you can take advantage of during virtual job fairs; To find the most qualified candidates for your roles, you can filter resumes by elements such as experience and education. Reach out to some of the best candidates via chat and invite them to interview you that day! 

Offer Visitors Can View Resources

Job seekers can download documents into a 'sales bag' or 'virtual briefcase' for later reviewing company materials. Make sure you provide documents and videos that your target candidates would like to visit again. Items such as employee testimonials, key contact information, company benefits packages, or an employer branding video are great options to grab the attention of job seekers and get them excited about working for you!

Attracting talent and standing out can seem like a daunting task at a virtual job fair, but if you strive to get ahead of them, you'll find yourself plenty of opportunities to fill roles and raise employer brand awareness. Take your time to understand the various opportunities a job fair offers and choose the ones that paint your organization in the best way possible. Maximizing visibility, providing useful information, and being accessible are key components of attracting your ideal candidates.

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