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Steps to Create a Succesful Webinar in Your Virtual Fair

The steps you should pay attention to while organizing webinars that are indispensable for business life in recent times, in your virtual fair are in our blog post.

Turkey is #35 in Bloomberg Innovation Index

According to the studies of 2020, in which a number of organizations participated, Bloomberg ranks 35th in Turkey in the innovation index ranking among 60 countries.

Virtual Education Fairs Continue with YÖK

With our new collaboration with YÖK, we are adding a new one to online virtual education fairs, which are highly demanded by universities and high school students.

Best Ways to Communicate Strongly with Your Visitors at Online Fairs

Methods that will develop and facilitate your communication skills in online fairs enable the companies and brands to easily communicate with the audience they want.

Advantages of Virtual Exhibitions to Exhibitors

The advantages offered by virtual fairs adding a new direction to our lives such as communication, service and network, are in our blog post with all the details.

Staying in Touch With Visitors After Virtual Fairs

Here are the most significant tips to keep you in touch with your visitors for your future projects after you carried through a successful virtual fair as intended.

Tips for Increasing Participation for Your Virtual Fairs

If you want to have a successful and unproblematic online fair and in this process, here you need to do more effective tips to get participants to your online fairs.

How to Increase Your Interaction with Visitors at Online Fairs

Significant methods about ways to increase interaction with the visitors in online fairs that everyone who decides to organize a virtual fair should know beforehand.

Advantages of Online Real Estate and Property Fairs

Real estate and property fairs can be defined as the events where professionals..

The Heart of Technology Beats at Virtual Tech Fairs

Everything in the field is explained with virtual informatics fairs that enable the leading names in the field of technology to access information about the sector.

Virtual Health Fairs Bring World of Health Together

Virtual health fairs bring together important names in the healthcare world with the healthcare industry, which is one of the leading sectors in the pandemic period.

Virtual Tourism and Travel Fairs Liven Tourism Sector

Owing to the virtual tourism and travel fairs that enable people from around the world and different nationalities to meet, the tourism industry is alive gradually.