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Organize Virtual and Hybrid Events with ready digital event platform, reach your target audience online!

Virtual Education Fairs Globalizes EducationUSA

Endless Fairs and EducationUSA that lead virtual fairs, enabled potential students all around the world to come together and share information with US Universities.

Tips for an Interesting Webinar

Some important suggestions to carry through the webinars, including live video conferences and seminars held digitally, more interesting are mentioned are blog post.

Marketing Tips for Your Virtual Fairs

Marketing tips that you will apply to ensure that your virtual fairs as a result of long studies in order to reach a wider audience are mentioned in our blog post

Tips to Use Your Stands in Virtual Fairs Correctly

Here are our proposals for the correct use of the stands in virtual fairs that the participants can meet with the visitors and promote their brands in the best way.

Virtual Career Fairs for Job Seekers

Virtual career fairs took over the employment processes rapidly. They are..

How to Amplify Your Turnouts with Email Marketing

Before organizing virtual fairs that are current meeting network, how you can enrich your participation in your virtual fair with e-mail marketing in our blog post.

Important Points to Consider for Organizing Hybrid Fairs

All the details to be considered while organizing hybrid fairs that enable both traditional and virtual fairs to be maintained simultaneously are in our blog post.

Reasons to Organize Your Fair in a Virtual Space

Important reasons are given to organize fairs allowing you to come together with your target audience in an effective way in virtual environments in our blog post.

What You Need to Know Before Organizing a Virtual Fair

6 important things you need to learn before organizing virtual fairs that direct people of business life in the sector to the maximum success are in our blog post.

What is a Hybrid Fair and What are the Advantages?

All answers of the questions such as what hybrid fairs you will perform in both physical and digital environments and what advantages it offers are in our blog post.

Steps to Create a Succesful Webinar in Your Virtual Fair

The steps you should pay attention to while organizing webinars that are indispensable for business life in recent times, in your virtual fair are in our blog post.

Turkey is #35 in Bloomberg Innovation Index

According to the studies of 2020, in which a number of organizations participated, Bloomberg ranks 35th in Turkey in the innovation index ranking among 60 countries.